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Jinwu waterproof construction scale rises, layout is poised for new chapter - representatives of Zhejiang waterproof industry annual meeting visit Jinwu Qiantang new town new base

Jinwu waterproof construction scale rises, layout is poised for new chapter - representatives of Zhejiang waterproof industry annual meeting visit Jinwu Qiantang new town new base, coating,

Jinwu waterproof construction scale rises, The layout is poised for a new chapter -- representatives of the Zhejiang waterproofing industry annual meeting visited the new base of Qiantang new city in Jinwu

November 16, 2020


on November 13, Zhejiang building waterproofing industry association, Zhejiang civil architecture society building waterproofing academic committee, Zhejiang building waterproofing technology professional committee of Zhejiang Building Industry Association gathered together, with the theme of "hand in hand and win-win future", Call milling is usually a processing method for reprocessing finished workpieces. The "2020 Zhejiang building waterproofing annual meeting" was held. On November 14, more than 70 experts and representatives came to Qiantang new city to visit the dajiangdong production base of Hangzhou Jinwu waterproof material Co., Ltd

zhuwenyue, chairman of golden house company, warmly welcomed everyone. Zhuxiaoxiao, general manager, introduced the company's development history and future development planning

golden house company was founded in 1995. After 25 years of development, it has three production bases, Xiaoshan in Hangzhou, Qiantang New Area in Hangzhou and Taizhou in Zhejiang, covering a total area of 150000 square meters. Dajiangdong production base covers a total area of 135 mu. At present, the company's Vickers hardness test is mainly used for material research and scientific experiments. The small load Vickers hardness test is mainly used to test the hardness of small precision parts, with an annual production scale of 70million square meters of various coiled materials. After the installation of the coating production line, the annual output of all kinds of coatings will reach 40000 tons. The plant area of dajiangdong production base has modern design, scientific and reasonable layout, high degree of production intelligence, and effective environmental protection control, demonstrating the hard core strength of the largest waterproof enterprise in Zhejiang Province

chairman Zhu Wenyue accompanied the whole visit. He said: this year, the epidemic has brought about an economic downturn and the speed control is not accurate. Large waterproof enterprises have accelerated their expansion, and their competitive advantage is very obvious. Although there are many enterprises in Zhejiang, the overall scale is small, and everyone's business pressure has increased significantly. "To be an enterprise, if we don't advance, we will fall back. We must face the difficulties, improve our brand image, practice our internal skills in management and product quality, and innovate the business model. I firmly believe that we can blaze a path of benign development!"

the leaders, experts and the management personnel of golden house company talked about product control, environmental protection, equipment innovation, quality control, human resources, etc The high-temperature hot gas rushed out of the box for 10 minutes, which was dangerous for in-depth communication in many aspects

Hangzhou Jinwu waterproof material Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with the largest scale and the strongest comprehensive strength in Zhejiang Province, integrating the research and development, production, operation and construction of waterproof materials. It is one of the first batch of enterprises to obtain the "waterproof material production license" in Zhejiang Province, and has won the honorary title of "China's top 20 waterproof industry" issued by China building waterproof Association for many times, etc. The company cooperates with Zhejiang University of technology, Suzhou waterproof Research Institute of China Building Materials Research Institute and other universities and scientific research institutions to carry out cooperation in the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and enterprise scientific and technological innovation

Jinwu company has a complete range of waterproof products, including sbs/app modified, root puncture resistant, special asphalt coiled material series for road and bridge waterproof, polymer self-adhesive membrane, TPO, PVC, EPDM, polyethylene polypropylene fiber composite and other polymer coiled material series, self-adhesive coiled material series such as self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt, fast reaction bonded cross laminated film, sun protection and wrinkle resistance, polymer cement, cement-based permeable crystalline, one component/two-component polyurethane Non curing rubber asphalt, acrylate, spray quick setting, polymer modified asphalt and other waterproof coating series, a total of four categories, dozens of varieties, and mainstream coiled materials and coating products in the market

golden house company always adheres to "integrity, pragmatism, development and innovation "With the business philosophy of" and the working style of deep cultivation and meticulous work, and with the spirit of ingenuity, Jinwu company has built century old boutiques. Over the years, Jinwu company has established good cooperative relations with large construction general contracting units including CSCEC, China Railway, China hydropower, etc., and many real estate enterprises including Evergrande, Wanda, Greentown, etc. the application of waterproof materials and the construction of waterproof projects cover airports, subways, grain depots Public buildings, commercial real estate, residential, industrial buildings, etc. The company also undertook the waterproof project of the main venue of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, demonstrating its great strength

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