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Preliminary study on the printing process and skills of one-way perspective advertising silk

in recent years, Wuhan can often see commodity advertisements pasted on the glass behind taxis walking on the road (see Figure 1), which is one-way perspective advertising. In fact, the one-way extensometer or strain gauge shows the elongation of the standard tensile specimen. Visual printing technology has been used as early as the 1990s, but it is not as popular and popularized as it is now

the one-way perspective film is pasted on the car body glass, which can clearly convey the advertising content from the outside, while looking out in the car does not affect the driver's line of sight. Why is the positive and negative effect different? The original one-way perspective film has black dots on the reverse side, which absorb light. On the front side, there are color dots. If you reflect the color light, you can see the picture composed of color dots, which is similar to the numbers and graphics of color composition on the color blindness chart of ophthalmic examination in a large hospital

unidirectional perspective technology has opened up a new market for silk printing. Now the one-way perspective printing process is introduced as follows

1 prepress preparation

the best material for unidirectional perspective film is treated polyester resin (PET) transparent sheet, with good ink adhesion, which can meet the printing requirements. At present, pet is sold in rolls on the market, and the specification is generally 60C. For example, 3000 mesh opal treated with titanate coupling agent is added to HDPE with a roll of 30% m wide and 500m long

first, make a film for printing with water-based tear able ink. The film is made into 13 ~ 15 lines, 50% negative film dots, and the film size is 130cm × 56cm。 Sun it with sexy photoresist

in order to save money, the black self-adhesive paper cut into trapezoidal size is used to replace the film, and it is smoothly adhered to the wire, and then sealed with two pieces of oil sensitive photoresist for printing, which are used as black ink and white ink plates for printing the full plate respectively

2 printing process

(1) cut pet into 130cm × 60cm size

(2) wipe the PET sheet with alcohol

(3) the printing quality of each water-based tear able ink dot must be checked. If there is a problem, it can be washed off with water and then re printed. Print the personalized report sheet

(4) print pet black ink on the full page and dry naturally

(5) print pet white ink on the full plate

(6) print spot color or four primary color ink on white ink

(7) tear off the water-based tear able ink printed with advertising self-adhesive paper, and all the parts printed with tear able ink will become transparent, and all the parts printed with pet black ink will leave ink, so the effect of one-way perspective will be completely presented

there are many kinds of plastic ink series. According to different printing materials, we should choose the appropriate ink, otherwise it will cause unnecessary economic losses. The key is to choose ink. Before the production of a series of failures in the process of using the formal batch spring testing machine, a lot of experiments should be done to prove which brand of ink is suitable for printing. Once the matching is completed, do not change it at will

source: Xinhua Printing

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