On the second anniversary of the hottest listing,

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On the second anniversary of its listing, the commercial field of OPP lighting has made rapid progress and is widely recognized

on August 19, 2018, OPP lighting ushered in the second anniversary of its listing. In just two years, from the new star of listing to the top ten of the list of top 100 listed companies on China's main board, OPP lighting did not forget its original intention, focused on creating value with light, provided consumers with a comfortable lighting experience, and was committed to building a world-class lighting brand. In the commercial field, through exquisite product design and R & D, expansion of business channels, and creation of smart lighting ecosystem, OPP lighting has been widely recognized and praised both inside and outside the industry, from industry rookies to industry leaders

eto customization, accurate and efficient

in fact, there is no need to emphasize professionalism. OPP's professionalism can make you comfortable. The light environment built with OPP is as comfortable as nature, not only visually, but also emotionally. Well known designer Mr. Wang

(OPP lighting commercial ETO customization case: Shanghai Shuanghui building)

OPP lighting is committed to adhering to the ETO customization service based on lighting applications, centered on customer needs, and technology as a means, deeply working in various fields, focusing on highlighting the value of professional lighting, focusing on promoting intelligent lighting system solutions, and creating a better lighting environment

as Mr. Wang said, OPP lighting hopes to create a customized light environment through ETO customization, providing users with the greatest degree of professionalism and comfort

professional, relying on should also be beneficial to accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading of resource-based cities. Supporting with lighting design ability

such support is priceless. It benefits from the outstanding professional design ability of OPP lighting and supports designers to realize their ideas, Achieve the desired design effect well-known designer Mr. Liu

(OPP lighting business case: adidas flagship store in Sanlitun, Beijing)

professional application lighting design ability has always been one of OPP lighting's continuous leading abilities in the field of professional lighting. Relying on in-depth industry research and professional design ability, it has widely involved in different industries, providing professional support for designers and owners after the quality assurance period

OPP lighting cooperates deeply with international famous catering chains Burger King, KFC and well-known sports brand Adidas to treat the lighting demand differently, create a comfortable and attractive dining environment and fashionable and dynamic store environment through professional lighting solutions, and provide a perfect lighting service experience

exquisite research and development technology, guaranteed quality source

I consulted 80% of domestic manufacturers, and AUP lighting can finally be made, which is a great help. Opp has its own R & D technology, focusing on shape and light source quality. Well known designer Mr. Li

(OPP lighting commercial product: pengxu ceiling lamp - won the 2018 red dot design award)

OPP lighting knows that quality is the first, and continues to carry out technological innovation. It has a domestic leading lighting application experimental center and Wujiang global R & D center covering 1000 mu, with an annual R & D investment of more than 200million. Exquisite R & D and manufacturing capabilities continue to promote the benign development of the industry and win more consumer trust for the brand

thick planting intelligent lighting, leading the industry direction

OPP's innovation is a people-oriented and evolving technology, like a professional and intelligent tutor who knows how to choose. Well known designer Mr. Li

(OPP lighting commercial intelligent control case: Hangzhou Green City Creative Park office space)

AI is undoubtedly a "hot label of science and technology in recent years". On the way to explore intelligent lighting, OPP lighting has reached strategic cooperation with many enterprises to integrate intelligence into it and create a comfortable customized office lighting world

the intelligent lighting control system architecture provided by OPP lighting for ocean shipping building is divided into two parts: the lighting center control platform and the corresponding intelligent lighting implementation terminal. The control platform controls different modules through wire connection, and finally transmits signals to intelligent lamps to realize various functions. The well used intelligent network system has not only achieved a new experience of office lighting environment, but also demonstrated the leading strength of OPP lighting in the intelligent lighting industry

dig deep into the outdoor field of roads and go hand in hand

just because there is temperature, OPP gives me the feeling that it represents temperature. For all our lamp choices, OPP will give us professional advice and guidance. The products and services they provide are warm and intimate. An owner

(Europol lighting road case: EMC reconstruction project of roads around Beijing International Exhibition Center)

in the field of road lighting, Europol lighting applied for more than 10 invention patents related to road lighting, developed lighting products based on road, tunnel and courtyard lamp scenes, and cooperated with Huawei, Hikvision, Chinatelecom and other well-known enterprises to reach cooperation in outdoor intelligent IOT technology solutions

in the field of outdoor lighting, OPP lighting focuses on the night travel economy, cultural tourism market, characteristic towns, scenic spot improvement and other market segments. In the first half of 2018, it implemented the lighting improvement project of Jiaxing town and the night scene lighting project of Jimo Economic Development Zone, and continued to promote the expansion of the company in the field of outdoor lighting

build Chinese brands and witness national strength

we ve been extremely impressed with the opple team s solution to our lighting issues they have reduced our power and maintenance costs whilst improving the quality of our lighting, which has given our visitors a better experience. Customer voice

(OPP lighting's overseas business case: moddy mosque in Kuwait)

on the basis of constantly consolidating the domestic market, OPP lighting has initially realized the globalization development strategy through orderly overseas key market expansion, and has now established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Europe, South Africa, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Dubai and other places. While further deepening localized operation, it has created many benchmark cases, including Kuwait Convention and Exhibition Center, Abu Dhabi office building in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar currency exchange center, South Africa street lamps, etc., and established its professional advantages in the field of overseas commercial lighting

the biennial Frankfurt lighting exhibition light+building is one of the most influential international exhibitions in the industry. OPP lighting appeared in the International Pavilion as the only Chinese lighting brand for two consecutive times in 2016 and 2018, highlighting the international influence of Chinese brands

in the global industrial 4.0 trend and the national 2025 strategic environment, OPP lighting will consolidate its leading position in similar brands at home and abroad with substantive actions, continue to promote the upgrading of intelligent lighting technology, prepare for a new round of industrial layout, and provide users with more professional, intelligent, healthy overall lighting solutions and comfortable lighting environment experience

about OPP lighting

OPP lighting started in 1996 and is mainly engaged in the R & D, production, sales and service of lighting sources, lamps and control products. As an industry giant with independent research and development capabilities, the company, based on lighting products, continues to expand categories to art switches, integrated packaging, kitchen and bathroom, and based on the advantages of channel platforms, develops various business segments, aiming to transform into a lighting system and integrated packaging integrated solution service provider. With a strong marketing team and perfect marketing network at home and abroad, it now has more than 100000 terminal sales points. Opp lighting was successfully listed in 2016, and its stock is abbreviated as OPP lighting, with the code of

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