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With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, the current building facade design increasingly highlights the regional style and the flavor of the times, and the decorative surface is mostly made of new materials and special processes, which makes it magnificent and colorful. It is precisely because of this situation that the external wall of the building, especially the appropriate degassing at the same time, increases the difficulty of the external wall decoration construction of high-rise buildings, and then makes this subdivisional project that is not easy to effectively manage and control in the construction process full of danger (for example, large-scale glass, metal curtain wall, large-area dry hanging stone, wet work face brick, block and paint mixed finish, etc.). In addition, for a long time, in the construction of some outdoor decoration projects, due to many reasons, such as insufficient attention of leaders, inadequate safety monitoring, imperfect protective facilities, operators' illegal and risky operations, there are many potential safety hazards, resulting in frequent accidents of falling from height and falling objects injuring personnel, causing serious losses to national property and people's life safety

how to strengthen the safety management of exterior wall decoration engineering construction and curb the occurrence of major casualty accidents is an important issue that cannot be postponed in front of us. The author believes that on the basis of investigation, research and analysis of the current situation, we should start from the aspects of strict qualification management, implementation of professional subcontracting, standardization of owner behavior, improvement of safety system, and improvement of protective facilities, implement safety management system engineering, increase hardware investment in the construction site, and do a good job in mass prevention and treatment in an all-round way

I. reality and existing problems:

1. Qualification management of construction teams

according to the survey, at present, few professional teams are engaged in building exterior wall construction. Generally, they are subcontracted by the general contractor, and most of the subcontractors have no corresponding qualifications and do not have the ability to prepare for secondary contracting. This kind of team lacks professional and technical personnel, the management force is weak, and the operators are mostly low-quality labor team members and the team is unstable. This loose management mode can not carry out normal work safety management at all

2. The problem of the construction unit dismembering the contracted project

the construction unit dismembering the contracted external wall decoration or other subdivisional works has almost become a current common problem. They start from their own interests and contract out projects at will. After this abnormal situation occurs, there will be two or even more construction enterprises or construction organizations on the construction site, which will act independently in the overall construction arrangement and safety management, and even have the phenomenon of mutual influence and wrangling. As the general contractor cannot carry out unified and coordinated management, it will inevitably lead to chaos in the safety management and protection system, which is very easy to cause accidents

3. Problems of external wall decoration engineering contracted by the general contractor

generally, due to the lack of discipline of the general contractor, it is unable to undertake special construction tasks, so it subcontracts the external wall decoration of buildings or other subdivisional works, without seriously defining the responsibilities of the general contractor and the subcontractor. When signing a contract (agreement) with a subcontractor, the general contractor will generally sign a similar clause: "Party B shall bear all safety accidents during construction". It seems that this can be a package, and everything is fine. It virtually makes the general contractor careless, relaxing or giving up the supervision and management of the subcontractor in terms of safety, so that it is unclear, often leaving a lot of sequelae

4. Safety management problems of the subcontracting team

due to the long period of exterior wall decoration construction and the limited personnel required, the subcontracting team, considering its own economic interests, also has a weak management force invested in the construction site. Generally, there is only one shift foreman and no safety supervisor, so it is impossible to carry out effective safety management work at all; In addition, the labor personnel used have poor safety production knowledge and safety protection awareness, and often operate in violation of regulations, which is very prone to frame collapse Operator falls from height "So falling and falling objects hurt people.

II. Preventive measures and Countermeasures

the author believes that although there are the above contradictions and problems in the construction management of building exterior decoration at present, as long as they are highly valued and taken seriously by all relevant parties, straighten out various relationships as soon as possible, and take necessary preventive measures to control them, they can eliminate hidden dangers of accidents and reverse the adverse situation.

1. About wages Quality management must focus on two aspects

first of all, we should strengthen the supervision of government departments in charge of this work. Government agencies at all levels should strengthen the qualification examination of enterprises engaged in exterior wall decoration construction, standardize market management, implement source control, and put an end to unlicensed construction

the second is the construction investor and general contractor. When it is necessary to subcontract the exterior wall decoration project due to special circumstances, a professional team with qualification level and construction license should be selected, and the composition and technical status of the mobilization team should be carefully verified

2. In view of the construction investor's arbitrary dismemberment of the contracted project, the relevant government departments should strengthen law enforcement and inspection, and standardize the construction and investor's behavior

as the general contractor of the project, it should also publicize the construction laws and regulations and relevant management regulations to the construction party to resist its dismemberment of the project. Because Article 24 of Chapter II of the construction law of the people's Republic of China clearly stipulates that the general contracting of construction projects is advocated and the dismemberment of construction projects is prohibited

3. With regard to the external subcontracting projects of the general contractor, the following work must be done well

(1) first of all, we should straighten out the relationship and distinguish the effect of imitating leather. Article 45 of Chapter V of the Construction Law: the safety of the construction site is the responsibility of the construction enterprise. The general contracting unit shall be responsible for the general contracting of construction. The subcontractor shall be responsible to the general contractor and obey the general contractor's safety production management on the construction site

(2) strengthen the organization and management of safety production of the participants

a. establish and improve the safety assurance system 45t of the project, incorporate all subcontracted project construction into the assurance system, and carry out unified management

b. establish a project safety production leading group with a unified coordination mechanism, and the person in charge of the subcontractor and the person in charge of the construction site should accept its leadership and arrangement

c. formulate safety production system at relevant levels and implement safety to people; Subcontractors must strictly implement all rules and regulations on the construction site

d. the person in charge of the subcontractor must participate in the regular safety production meetings held regularly and rectify the potential safety hazards in a timely manner

(3) strengthen the technical guidance of safety investment

a. prepare comprehensive, specific and operable construction

schemes and safety technical measures according to the external decoration characteristics of the project and the surrounding environment

b. conscientiously implement the safety technical disclosure system and management procedures - the general contractor to the Subcontractor; The Subcontractor is responsible for the operators

c. the general contractor shall provide the subcontractor with operating conditions that meet the safety requirements. Before the construction of exterior decoration works, both parties should jointly conduct a comprehensive acceptance of the external scaffold body and protective facilities

d. strengthen the safety education of employees. The general contractor is responsible for carrying out safety education and training for all personnel (including subcontractors) entering the site to improve their safety awareness and self-protection ability

(4) strengthen safety inspection and supervision

a. the general contractor shall regularly organize safety inspections. The project safety leading group shall regularly organize all management personnel and the person in charge of the civil engineering team (including the subcontractor) to participate in the safety inspection, find problems through the comprehensive inspection, take effective rectification measures, eliminate potential accidents, and ensure safe production

b. daily inspection by full-time safety officer. The safety officer shall conduct safety inspection on the construction site every day to eliminate potential safety hazards in time

4. In view of the subcontractor's weak safety management, it should be urged to do:

(1) strengthen the safety management of the production process

a. the construction site must have permanent safety production personnel with job qualifications, and set up full-time or part-time safety officers

b. the construction personnel must strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the construction site

c. carefully implement the special construction plan and safety technical measures that have been approved and come into effect, and the person in charge of subcontracting shall track and inspect the implementation of the operation team

(2) strengthen the safety education for operators

A. educate the construction personnel on the basic safety knowledge, operating procedures, safety rules and regulations, and the use of protective equipment, so as to improve their self-protection awareness

b. do a good job in the safety education of the team and carry out the "three no harm" activities

(3) carefully carry out internal safety self-examination work

a. construction management personnel must arrange and inspect safety work while arranging and inspecting production work

b. the operation team should carry out post safety inspection before and after the shift, eliminate potential safety hazards in time, and practically "protect first,

construct later, and do not construct without protection"

(he Hongbin, Li Ming)

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