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Lesotho products: a sample of construction machinery transformation to cope with the cold winter

Lesotho products: a sample of construction machinery transformation to cope with the cold winter

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like the development track of industries with serious overcapacity such as steel and coal, the construction machinery industry, which has experienced rapid growth for more than 10 years, suddenly encountered a cold winter. Under the heavy pressure of multiple bad news, the revenue and profits of large construction machinery giants have declined one after another. There is no water in the river, and the decline of large enterprises naturally affects the small and medium-sized enterprises supporting them. As the main supplier of construction machinery parts, Laizhou Lesuo Products Co., Ltd. is also facing the squeeze of sharp decline in orders and market contraction

"we must keep up with market demand at all times. No matter how good the market is without innovation, we can't hold it, let alone when the market is bad." In the view of chairman Wang Yuyao, the current downturn in the construction machinery industry announced the end of the previous era of "abnormal" growth. The more in this adjustment period, the more we should calm down to study market demand, transform and upgrade products, and prepare for the future market recovery

a casting to forging, housekeeping skills "full firepower"

"the whole industry began to fall in the second half of 2011, and last year was the worst year. Our peak sales revenue was 450 million, and now it has gradually stabilized at 200 million." Talking about the ups and downs of the construction machinery industry in recent years, Wang Yuyao, 65, chairman of Laizhou Lesuo Products Co., Ltd., expressed infinite emotion

time goes back to 1994. The predecessor of leso now is Laizhou lock factory, which is only a small seaside factory with annual sales of 2.3 million and only produces locks. After taking over, Wang Yuyao made a decisive transformation and began to develop crawler accessories. In 1999, Yantai's largest construction machinery supplier, Daewoo excavator (now Doosan construction machinery), brought Koreans to visit users. The crawler accessories produced by Wang Yuyao were successfully installed on the other party's first excavator. Since then, leso has become a stable parts supplier for Daewoo excavator. In the following three to five years, with the tide of domestic infrastructure investment and construction, international construction machinery giants poured in one after another. Since the spare parts market was not developed under the same stiffness at that time, Lesotho became the first choice for these foreign giants when purchasing

"they all came to me directly through Doosan's parts procurement system, and my products suddenly became a hot topic for everyone." Wang Yuyao said that the sales volume of the company was only 20million in 2005, and the scale of the company almost doubled every year after 2006. In order to solve the problem of short supply, Lesotho has connected five production lines, but the equipment is complete and the production capacity is available, but the market has taken a sharp turn, and it is difficult to get an order

in order to solve the dilemma, Wang Yuyao decided to transform again, focusing on the bucket tooth, an important vulnerable part of the excavator. "Bucket teeth are equivalent to the teeth of excavators. Generally, they need to be changed every 7 days, and the market potential is great." Wang Yuyao believes that the traditional bucket teeth are produced by the casting mode of molten steel casting, which has unstable strength, unreliable quality and short service life. Wang Yuyao said that he has been forging for more than ten years and formed his housekeeping skills. Compared with casting, the forged products have a higher degree of fineness, no trachoma, and the hardness has been improved to a greater level. "Using forging to make bucket teeth is more conducive to giving full play to our technical advantages. Now customers have realized the importance of quality. It is not long to rely on relationship sales. No matter how cheap or poor quality is, it is useless."

One is pressing

in the forging workshop of Lesotho products, the author saw that with bursts of roaring stamping noise, the cut special steel sections were red and stamped once by large forging equipment, and then transferred to the underground for heat treatment. "The truly technical heat treatment process is underground, with 300000 oil per pool, which can comprehensively improve the flexibility and other indicators of products." Lvhuaqiang, deputy general manager of lesso Products Co., Ltd., pointed to the stamping parts on the conveyor belt and said

b electric shock business, transform export and rebuild the market

"like this hot die forging equipment, the one-time stamping capacity can reach 4000 tons, leading the whole industry." Lu Huaqiang said that forging causes deformation of steel bars through external force, which is the same as kneading noodles. The more kneading, the better flexibility. The level of forging equipment largely determines the precision of the final product

of course, forging equipment alone is not enough. Facing the diversity of customer product needs, product mold design has also become a core competitiveness. In leso's mold processing workshop, precision machine tools are operating under the skilled operation of employees. The whole process is completely under the monitoring of computer programs, and the production process can also replace the parts prepared by traditional metal materials and glass fiber reinforced materials, which are almost in a completely closed process. "What customers give us is only drawings, and what comes out here is the finished mold."

in Wang Yuyao's view, the transformation of products alone is not enough. After rapid growth, the construction machinery market has entered a normal return period, and the market demand will enter a relatively stable state. The situation that the original overtime work is still in short supply will never return. Therefore, how to grasp the market more fully and timely is the fundamental point of the industry breakthrough

"we have been involved in e-commerce since last year. At present, although the sales volume is not obvious, the market popularity and recognition are further improving."

in addition to electric shock merchants, Wang Yuyao also turned his eyes to exports and focused on the international market

Wang Yuyao said that the biggest difficulty in the machinery industry is heat treatment, because the workpiece can't be seen or touched in the underground treatment tank, how much temperature and how long it takes, liquidity and flow direction all determine the appearance, precision and comprehensive performance of the whole machine after the workpiece comes out. In order to obtain the heat treatment technology certification popular in the international market, Wang Yuyao invited Japanese experts, "I lived here for three months and took more than three years to get the certification." With this pass, the plan of Lesotho products to open the international market was also launched immediately. At the end of September, Wang Yuyao went to Brazil to participate in the international forging Expo, hoping to open a breakthrough through the international market

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