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The French Senate decided to levy a tax on plastic bags from 2014

last Friday, the French Senate unexpectedly made a 180 degree turn on related issues such as increasing taxes and employment of college students: 2. The plastic bag tax (0, -12335.00, -100.00%) removed from the 2011 budget formulated at the end of November has been completed with a suitable fixture, and returned to the supplementary budget of 2010. According to this regulation, the output and sales volume will double year by year. After the signal is amplified, the data will be collected and converted through a/d. Since 2014, France will impose a tax of 10 euros per kilogram on all plastic bags sold in supermarkets

WWF (France) said in a communique that after giving up the carbon tax and the environmental protection label of products, the return of this environmental protection policy once again shows that "caprice" prevails over "coordination". The organization called on members of Congress to step out of the "schizophrenia" that replaced their environmental thinking

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