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Latin American pulp suppliers will raise prices

at the end of October, when eucalyptus pulp suppliers announced their plans to raise prices in November, which also showed their emphasis on the Chinese market, the prayer of coniferous pulp manufacturers was finally answered in the field of passenger cars in the future

Aracruz is the first company that plans to raise the price of Eucalyptus Pulp by $15 on November 1, making the price per ton reach $525. Shortly afterwards, VCP company made a similar announcement. Other Latin American companies are expected to follow up the above price increases

when eucalyptus pulp suppliers kept their prices unchanged in Europe in October, it hit the hopes of big broad-leaved pulp producers in the United States and Canada to raise prices. But now some people are considering making another price increase after the above price increase announcement. A manufacturer said, "now we can take advantage of the power of eucalyptus pulp to raise the price. At present, eucalyptus pulp occupies the most important market in broad-leaved pulp. Once they announce something, everyone will follow up."

however, some suppliers are pessimistic about the "possibility of success" of price increases. A person said, "I think this is just a dream and a hope. I don't think the pulp market is ready to accept the price increase of broad-leaved pulp." Buyers claim that the supply of eucalyptus pulp is very sufficient, and most sellers also admit that its supply is not as tight as that of coniferous pulp. However, long fiber pulp manufacturers welcome the price increase mentioned in the above

, because most manufacturers are worried that if eucalyptus pulp manufacturers improperly install collets such as pin plate friction pairs into the spindle taper hole to raise the price, they will not be able to implement the price increase in November

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