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Laughter, happy reunion, happy Bo cake to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival

in this season of cool autumn wind and sweet osmanthus, Xiamen Caimao ushered in the 12th Mid Autumn Festival after the completion of the company. In order to thank all employees for their contributions to the company, Xiamen Caimao Communication Co., Ltd. held a mid autumn festival Bo cake party at Baixiang Hotel on September 5, 2014. The event on that day consisted of a dinner and Bo cake

At about 19:15, all staff gathered in the banquet hall of Baixiang Hotel, and the 2014 Mid Autumn Festival dinner of Xiamen Caimao started on time. During the drinking and preparation, the mood of colleagues who are busy with work on weekdays has been relaxed. Everyone has a pleasant exchange while tasting delicious food. After the dinner, the company's senior management and employees toasted each other in the half, which pushed the atmosphere of the dinner to a climax

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Figure 1: company leaders and colleagues toast each other

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after the Mid Autumn Festival dinner, the annual most lively Caimao Mid Autumn Festival cake contest is officially kicked off. The whole Bobing scene has a warm atmosphere, rich prizes and constant climax. Caimao elites from all walks of life are eager to try to meet their needs of outdoor life. Six bright dice jump and exult repeatedly in the bobbing basin. The clear and loud voice echoes the cheers of colleagues, and the atmosphere of bobbing is in full swing. In the laughter, everyone released the tension at work. Around the Bo cake table, everyone was filled with a happy smile, sometimes looking forward, sometimes cheering and sighing, and sending sincere blessings for the luck and luck of themselves and their colleagues

Figure 2: lively and happy Bobing scene

according to legend, Bobing is a game invented by national hero Zheng Chenggong to alleviate soldiers' homesickness and stimulate morale. At present, it has become a traditional folk custom of the Mid Autumn Festival in Xiamen. On this day of reunion, the company held this mid autumn festival cake party in order to make employees feel a warm holiday atmosphere, let everyone better integrate into the Caimao family, and experience the unique Mid Autumn Festival cake culture in Xiamen

Bo cake is not only a prize, but also a good luck, a good lottery, the hope for a better life and the tireless pursuit of career. In the process of Bobing, colleagues cooperate with each other, communicate and cooperate with each other, so that everyone can deeply feel the festive atmosphere and the warmth of the company family

in the fierce competition, the top winners of each table were announced one by one, and the rich prizes went to each of them. In the competition between the top winners, Wang Zhongwang, Luo Liangwen, a software engineer from the company's R & D department, finally won the first prize of Wang Zhongwang iPad at the 2014 Xiamen Caimao Expo. Finally, in the cheers, laughter and applause, the event was successfully concluded with the help of this transaction. Everyone won exquisite prizes, and everyone returned home with a happy body and mind

the same Mid Autumn Festival, different mid autumn festival cultures; Different mid autumn moon, the same warm atmosphere. Xiamen Caimao wishes all colleagues, staff friends and their families a happy mid autumn festival in 2014! Happy family! I believe that with the joint efforts of Caimao people, the future of Caimao communication will be better

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