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Laws and regulations are long overdue. When is excessive packaging?

I learned that the reason why excessive packaging has not been effectively solved is that there are no relevant laws and regulations in China. Professor Hongtao of Beijing University of technology and industry introduced that for excessive packaging, the maximum allowable height of the test piece is 170mm. Many countries have adopted laws and regulations from the perspective of environmental protection and consumer protection. For example, it is clearly stipulated that the packaging space of products should not exceed 25% of the packaging volume, and the packaging cost should not be established and improved. The comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for plastic granulator equipment should not exceed 15% of the product value, Over packaged goods shall be confiscated and fined. European governments have also formulated packaging laws. Germany, which first advocated the recycling of packaging materials, formulated the "circular economy law", and Denmark took the lead in implementing the "green tax" system; Many countries require manufacturers, importers and retailers to take responsibility for the recycling and recycling of packaging materials; Over packaging of goods is an illegal act in South Korea. The South Korean government rewards streamlined packaging, and the former chairman and chief executive officer Thierry leh é naff said: a fine should be imposed on the goods packed in degrees

the China Consumer Association has also clearly stated that as long as the packaging volume significantly exceeds 30% of the goods, it can be judged as "commercial fraud". However, the power of such rules is very limited, and the rigidity is far from enough. According to the current market situation, relevant people believe that it is urgent to formulate laws, regulations and policies specifically to deal with excessive packaging, and vigorously implement them with hard measures, so as to solve the symptoms and root causes

Professor Hong Tao believes that products need packaging, and products that should be packaged but not packaged are difficult to impress consumers in the market, focusing on solving the five major problems. However, packaging should be scientific and aesthetic, and packaging should be designed and manufactured according to the psychology and needs of consumers. If manufacturers and businesses, out of consideration of interests, wantonly exaggerate packaging and rely on excessive packaging to impress consumers, the vitality of their goods cannot last long. Excessive packaging has hundreds of harms but no benefits. The relevant departments of the state must formulate relevant laws as soon as possible to regulate and restrict commodity packaging in terms of quality, materials and volume, and limit the proliferation of excessive packaging and fraudulent packaging from the source, so as to safeguard the interests of consumers

it was learned that at present, the relevant departments in Shanghai have preliminarily brewed and formulated the corresponding measurement standards of packaging "obesity" to regulate the behavior of enterprises. It is hoped that the practice of Shanghai can be promoted in more cities, so that consumers can spend less money

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