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Launch evolv3d platform Dow Chemical announced its entry into the 3D printing material market

Dow Chemical, a subsidiary of dowdupont, announced its entry into the 3D printing material market and launched evolv3d universal support material (USM) as part of the upcoming evolv3d platform

the first achievement of enterprise chemistry cooperation

Dow showed their liquid silicon rubber solution LC 3335 and the 3D printer project of reprap in Germany on SolidWorks world earlier this year. The company also participated in additive manufacturing activities from the United States manufacturing center to the Massachusetts Institute of technology 3D printing structure, which makes the production of materials more effective by reducing the number of experiments required to incorporate atomic design into the manufacturing process

dupont entered the field of 3D printing through cooperation with taulman in 2015. Earlier this year, DuPont released a series of resin based 3D printing consumables with different characteristics

the two chemical companies completed the merger in September this year

the handling resistance is also good.

DuPont CEO Edward Breen and Dow CEO Andrew liveris

evolv3d usm

evolv3d USM use water-soluble support materials, which can maintain its structural integrity while 3D printing. USM is designed to facilitate 3D printing of "large suspended, complex internal geometry and deep cavity" components

Keith Wilson, manager of Dow's marketing department, said that it would be easier to use evolv3d USM and various basic materials to build functional, beautiful and high-performance components

evolv3d platform

usm is the first product in the evolv3d material series. Prototype manufacturing applications have been considered in the design in recent years

Wilson continued that evolve3d platform was developed to meet the demand for multifunctional, cost-effective and sustainable materials, so as to effectively solve the emerging needs in this rapidly developing industry

he added that the new scope will "provide greater design freedom" and "reduce the development cycle of products"

evolve3d USM will be launched in early 2018 and will be released by taulman

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