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Industrial interconnection welcomes the "open source era"

bernardcharles, CEO of Dassault systems, an industrial software enterprise, told the author at a 3D experience intelligent manufacturing summit held in Guangzhou a few days ago: with the emergence of cloud services, open source platforms have produced new business models, which are more economical. Through open source, enterprises can provide better services for customers

just recently, Microsoft spent $7.5 billion to acquire GitHub, a code hosting platform. When talking about the acquisition, satyanadella, CEO of Microsoft, said: we are all open source

open source also existed in the past, but without the support of cloud technology, it has no economic effect. This may explain why technology giants like Microsoft spend a lot of money on open source platforms. In fact, GitHub had also contacted Google and Amazon before, but finally decided to sell it to Microsoft because Microsoft offered a higher price

however, NADELLA believes that the reason why Microsoft can come together with GitHub is that Microsoft was originally a company providing tools for developers, and has a long history in open source

other companies similar to GitHub are altassian, a software developer in the SaaS field, which has just been listed. It is understood that the companies seeking to acquire atlassian at present also include Chinese Internet giant Tencent

The benefits of open source are obvious. Some API interfaces need to be made at a very high cost and involve later maintenance. In this case, it is a better choice to open the code to customers and let them develop according to their own needs. After developers get the code, they can use the open source system to create new solutions

however, open source can sometimes become a trap. The cost of using the open source system may not be estimated in advance by many enterprises and developers

schabner told the author: after developing solutions using open source systems, many developers do not know how to maintain open source code. For customers, the cost of maintaining the system is very high, so it becomes uneconomical

in fact, in order to realize a real industrial solution, open source is only on the one hand. Only by combining with industry data can we solve practical problems. This is also an important part of industrial digital transformation. To this end, the industrial interconnection giant is ready. GE's predix, Siemens' mindsphere and Schneider's ecostruxure have attracted a large number of software developers to develop application software based on these platforms. This will trigger a dark war on the cloud in the field of industrial interconnection

Yin Zhengzheng, global executive vice president of Schneider Electric and President of China, revealed to the author that up to now, the ecostructure platform has attracted the support of more than 20000 developers and system integrators, and is managing more than 1.6 million assets in the cloud

at this year's Hannover industrial exhibition, Siemens and many partners showed more than 50 application apps, and more development application software will be seen in the future. According to Wang Haibin, executive vice president of Siemens China and general manager of Digital Factory Group, if the customer has the ability to carry out value mining on big data, Siemens will provide the customer with an application that has become a fixed value sequence interface API after the test of the experimental machine, so that he can develop his own app. If the enterprise does not have enough software personnel and data analysts, Siemens will also have an industrial service department to develop apps for users, or hand them over to third-party app developers for development

schabner told the author that Dassault system uses open source code and also shares code. This trend is accelerating. However, he stressed that in addition to open source, it is also important to establish industry standardization

unlike Siemens' mindspheremc009-ldw series microcomputer controlled electronic tensile testing machine, which fully conforms to gb/t16491, gb/t1 Nangang Group Chairman Huang 1 Xinshuo 040, gb/t8804.1, gb/t8804.2, gb/t1041, gb/t9341, gb/t8808, gb/t18477, gb/t583, G please be sure to inspect the specified platform of b13022 and other standards first. The 3D experience of Dassault system creates a digital platform with a single data model. The data is transferred from replication and synchronization to data lake, and there is no need to move and change its use. Users can get the same data in real time and extract part of the data according to their own needs

at present, there are 250 applications on the 3D experience platform of Dassault system. Jiangnan Shipyard is also a user of Dassault 3D experience platform

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