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Industrial interconnection is full of expectations for 5g

this year, the scale of China's industrial interconnection industry continues to maintain a rapid growth momentum. According to the preliminary estimate of the industrial interconnection industry alliance, the scale of the industrial interconnection industry will reach 800billion yuan in 2019, with an average annual growth rate of 18%

5g+ the integration of industrial interconnection and the reauthorization and innovation of the public are not only the inevitable trend of industrial development, but also an important driving force to promote the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. The characteristics of 5g ultra-large bandwidth, ultra-low delay and massive connection are highly consistent with the requirements and objectives of industrial interconnection, providing key support and important opportunities for the construction of new industrial interconnection infrastructure and the integration of innovative applications

5g injects new vitality into the development of industrial interconnection

5g is the key enabling technology to drive the high-quality development of industrial interconnection. In 2019, more than 130000 5g base stations are expected to be opened nationwide, realizing the access of 100 million industrial equipment

5g+ industrial interconnection focuses on industrial manufacturing, energy and electricity, smart ports and other fields. Liu duo, President of China Academy of information and communications, said that there are more than 20 types of 5g+ industrial interconnection integration applications in China. In the manufacturing field, 5g applications mainly focus on information collection, remote control, video monitoring and product quality monitoring

5g TSN technology can realize wireless TSN in the factory and ensure low end-to-end delay of industrial interconnection services; 5g high frequency and antenna technology support precise positioning and high bandwidth communication in the factory, greatly improving the operation accuracy in the field of remote control; 5g edge computing technology is accelerating the integration of industrial it and ot networks, and improving the intelligence of the inner edge of manufacturing plants. IDC predicts that in the future, more than 50% of the data will be processed at the edge. By 2020, the expenditure of edge computing will account for 18% of the total expenditure of IOT infrastructure, and the cost will be only 39% of the cost of using central cloud computing alone

industrial Ultra HD video and vr/mobike launched in April. The new mobike (internal code "wind light") adopts Dow polyurethane material - polyurethane solid wheel AR, which has high requirements for bandwidth and time delay. Industrial vr/ar applications require fast response. For example, VR helmet will produce dizziness when the delay exceeds 7 milliseconds, while 4G delay is about 40 milliseconds, and 5g ultra-low delay can meet VR requirements. 5g is applied to the SaaS layer, embedded with industrial control management software, and combined with IOT, big data, cloud computing, and AI. Taking the long-term planning of the factory as an example, there is no need to hold a temporary production scheduling meeting, and the execution time of intelligent ERP can be shortened by 25%

The characteristic of

5g is not only the improvement of wireless network rate, but also the continuous revolutionary changes of emerging technical knowledge brought by 5g slicing technology to the core. Nanfang power, together with China Mobile and Huawei, carried out the pilot of 5g load-bearing power distribution business transformation in Shenzhen, using 5g slicing technology to ensure the convenient, efficient and safe application of industrial networks, relying on the characteristics of 5g low delay and high reliability to meet the needs of differential protection business, verifying the configuration, release, management and performance detection of slicing manager, and realizing the automatic management of core slicing

the pilot project of Qingdao port is a typical application of 5g+ port. It uses the characteristics of 5g large bandwidth, low time delay and high reliability to realize the remote control of construction machinery, grab containers through 5g network remote control, improve the working environment of operators, effectively ensure the safety of operators, and help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency in production and construction

5g innovative industrial application scenarios

industrial interconnection is full of expectations for 5g. The 5g network that the public knows can usually download a high-definition movie in one second, but this is not the rigid need of 5g network. 5g has changed the application rules of 4G. 1g~4g is for personal communication, while 5g has expanded to industrial interconnection and smart city applications

Wu Hequan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, believes that interoperability is needed for 40% of the potential value of cross IOT applications and nearly 60% of the potential value in some environments. Industrial digitalization requires the connection of equipment in the factory. The arrival of 5g provides a good means of interconnection for IOT

China Unicom has built 5g+mec+pon intra industry and industrial interconnection bearing (CuII) extra industry. On this basis, the first 5g Industrial Park in the world and the first 5g fully connected factory in China built by Shanghai COMAC in conjunction with China Unicom and other partners are typical cases of 5g application in the manufacturing industry. Wang Shunli, deputy secretary of the general Party branch and intelligent worker of the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics of COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., hoped that the above contents would be helpful to you. The director of the factory Department sincerely said: in the past two years, we have really felt the industrial interconnection under 5g technology

The application of

5g network in COMAC has created many application scenarios in industrial fields: Based on the characteristics of 5g large bandwidth, 5g + big data + AI technology is used to detect composite defects, which reduces the reference block by 90% and the personnel cost by 95%; Based on the characteristic of 5g low delay, the 8K vision detection system with 5g + cloud computing + machine vision has improved the detection efficiency by 300% compared with the previous one; 5g + cloud computing + machine vision cloud binocular camera detection, which increases the detection rate by 10 times, and has a disruptive change in quality detection; Based on the 5g large connection feature, the CNC full connection factory of the 24-hour black light production line has nearly doubled the traditional processing efficiency

in the production process of enterprises, the most common problem is the connection problem. Li Shaobin, assistant to the president and chief engineer of Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., said that before the emergence of 5g, we could not effectively solve many AI needs raised by customers through networking. 5g features have made industrial interconnection possible and solved the key equipment connection problems in the factory

Li Shaobin introduced that Gree Electric Appliance Zhuhai plant has built a 5g dedicated network architecture, and many applications based on 5g dedicated network have helped Gree achieve quality and efficiency improvement. 5g+ar remote guidance and auxiliary operation application, through real-time video, voice, 3D marking, frozen images, etc., provide graphic and dynamic operation guidance to the assembly personnel of the production line, remotely analyze the causes and quickly solve the problems, effectively reducing the occurrence of quality problems. The high-density IOT in the plant is connected to 5g applications, and the real-time transmission of a large number of IOT equipment data in the plant environment is realized through 5g networks, meeting the requirements of low delay scenarios. 5g with low time delay and high reliability can meet the requirements of intelligent control and rapid dynamic adjustment of Gree production line, and realize more flexible, interconnected and collaborative flexible production. The AGV trolley under 5g network realizes the automatic and accurate distribution of materials across floors and workshops, and realizes intelligent logistics

promote the integrated development of 5g+ industrial interconnection

promote the development of 5g+ industrial interconnection, and accelerate the transformation of China's industry from scale and quantity to quality and efficiency has become an industry consensus

in the future, accelerating the integration of 5g+ industrial interconnection is the general trend. Liu duo, President of China Academy of information and communication, believes that we should actively promote the integrated development of 5g+ industrial interconnection from three aspects. First, promote the implementation of 5g+ industrial interconnection deployment. Support the implementation of 5g strategy and industrial interconnection innovation and development strategy, strengthen the testing, evaluation and application consulting service capabilities based on the construction and transformation of 5g enterprises, guide the construction of technology test beds and industry test beds, and create typical industrial application scenarios. Second, actively formulate 5g+ industrial interconnection technology standard system. Based on the development stage, core technologies and key breakthroughs of 5g and industrial interconnection, we should deeply study the key technologies of 5g+ industrial interconnection integration, comprehensively promote the construction of 5g+ industrial interconnection integration standard system, build a cooperation platform, and promote the application testing and pilot demonstration construction of vertical industries. Third, accelerate the construction of 5g+ industrial interconnection integrated development ecosystem. Give full play to the role of industrial interconnection industry alliance and 5g application industry matrix, gather and cultivate a group of experts and compound talents who understand both 5g and industrial interconnection, hold national large-scale scientific and technological innovation competitions such as bloom cup, and incubate 5g+ industrial interconnection excellent projects

5g has become the demand direction of leading enterprises with relatively mature 5g network development as the development direction of specialized and public interconnection in the factory. Nevertheless, zhangshunmao, senior vice president of Huawei, believes that 5g application in the industrial field still faces two challenges. First, the challenge of factory coverage. 5g+ industrial interconnection first needs to connect the equipment in the factory through 5g network, so that many traditional old-fashioned equipment can be 5g; The second is the data sovereignty problem faced by uploading the data collected under the 5g network to the cloud

the future has come. 5g will bring infinite power and make many impossibilities possible. We should seize this opportunity to keep up with the times and achieve leapfrog development

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