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Industrial interconnection seeks the right direction and embraces the "UCA era"

Xinhua news agency, Qingdao, September 28 (Zhang Xudong, Zhang Wuyue) what kind of era is this? Zhang Ruimin, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Haier Group, chose vuca as a management expression to describe the current era at the 2020 world industrial interconnection industry conference held in Qingdao a few days ago. He said that the typical feature of the era of IOT is vuca, that is, unstable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous states

as made in China, whose total output value accounts for about one third of the global manufacturing industry, is accelerating its embrace of industrial interconnection and moving towards Chinese intelligent manufacturing. But in such a rapidly changing UKA era, how can China intelligent manufacturing find the right direction and face the challenges directly? What will the future of China's smart manufacturing look like

transformation and upgrading of enabling manufacturing

every day, more than 1300 body aluminum manufactured by CRRC Qingdao Sifang locomotive and rolling stock Co., Ltd. will usher in a period of rapid development. Multiple units are running across the country. Each multiple unit is equipped with thousands of data measurement points. During the operation, sensors send data to the enterprise data center every 10 seconds

Wang Chuan, chief engineer of CRRC Sifang information system operation, said that CRRC Sifang uses real-time data of EMU operation, integrates train manufacturing data, maintenance data, natural environment data, etc., and applies big data mining technology and artificial intelligence algorithm to develop a fault prediction model for key components of the EMU, which can predict, warn and provide maintenance suggestions

CRRC Sifang is one of the typical cases in which Qingdao integrates big data, artificial intelligence and other industrial Interconnection Technologies to empower the traditional manufacturing industry

the integration of equipment, production lines, factories, suppliers, industries and users through industrial interconnection platforms can realize cross equipment, cross system, cross plant area and cross region interconnection, promote the intellectualization of manufacturing service system, and promote new industrial economic formats such as mass customization and shared manufacturing

Qingdao Songli group has deeply integrated the Internet with the construction and application of industrial production and manufacturing and static traffic management platform. The smart parking platform developed by Qingdao Songli group can not only enable car owners to query parking spaces and make reservations, but also realize the senseless payment of parking fees through the data interaction between the front-end identification equipment and the platform and app. Up to now, Hui parking has covered more than 20 cities across the country, managing more than 100000 parking spaces

Shandong Donghua Cement Co., Ltd. has launched the cement industry brain relying on industrial interconnection. The stability of the production line has been greatly improved, and the quality stability has been improved by 28.48%. In 2019, this enterprise saved 18600 tons of standard coal, 6.63 million kwh of electricity and 8715 tons of carbon dioxide

the brain of cement industry takes big data as the core, integrates cloud computing and interconnection into traditional production, uses artificial intelligence technology, develops a series of algorithm models, activates the precipitation value of data, makes data become a production factor, and realizes independent decision-making and automatic driving of clinker production. Said Xu Lu, deputy general manager of Shandong Donghua Cement Co., Ltd

Ma Jiantang, Secretary of the Party group of the development research center of the State Council, said at the Qingdao forum of the 2020 China EU Entrepreneur Summit that China's industrial interconnection applications are speeding up, and the willingness and speed of entrepreneurial digital transformation have increased significantly. We conducted a questionnaire survey on nearly 10000 technology-based small, medium-sized and micro enterprises. The questionnaire survey showed that the higher the degree of digitalization, the smaller the impact of the epidemic on enterprises

it was learned from the conference that in recent years, the development of China's industrial interconnection has stepped into the fast lane. There are more than 70 industrial interconnection platforms with certain industry and regional influence. The average number of connecting devices of the top ten cross industry and cross domain industrial interconnection platforms has reached 800000 sets, and 350000 industrial enterprises have been on the cloud

As early as 2017, the central government proposed to thoroughly implement the innovation and development strategy of industrial interconnection, systematically promote the construction of industrial interconnection infrastructure and data resource management system, give play to the role of basic resources and innovation engine of data, and accelerate the formation of a digital economy with innovation as the main guide and support. Subsequently, the central and local governments issued a series of policies and opinions to support the development of industrial interconnection, and industrial interconnection ushered in a golden period of development

on March 20 this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the notice on promoting the accelerated development of industrial interconnection, which clearly proposed to deepen the application of industrial interconnection. Encourage all localities to combine advantageous industries, strengthen the integration and innovation of industrial interconnection in key industries of the national economy, such as equipment, machinery, automobile, energy, electronics, metallurgy, petrochemical, mining and so on, highlight differentiated development, and form a development model with different emphasis and characteristics

Suijing, deputy director of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that China will speed up the construction of network infrastructure and further promote 5g+ industrial interconnection projects; Support enterprises to meet the development needs of industrial interconnection, increase investment in technology, industry, application, etc., accelerate the exploration and promotion of new models and new formats, constantly improve the supply quality and efficiency of industrial interconnection, promote the digital transformation of traditional industries, and cultivate new growth points

Qingdao, Shandong Province, the host of this conference, proposed to build an industrial interconnection industrial ecosystem integrating industrial chain, talent chain, capital chain and technology chain. In terms of talents, Qingdao University of science and technology has established Qingdao Institute of industrial interconnection, and Shandong University of science and technology has taken the lead in establishing Qingdao industrial interconnection industry university research cooperation alliance, injecting continuous energy into Qingdao to complement the talent chain and strengthen the technology chain

we release 200 industrial enabling scenarios and 50 future city scenarios every quarter to encourage and guide more social capital to participate in the industrial interconnection and AI technology transformation projects of 3000 enterprises in the city, so as to accelerate the agglomeration of industrial factors and the rise of industrial interconnection. Said Wang Qingxian, member of the Standing Committee of the Shandong provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Qingdao municipal Party committee

at this conference, Shanghai Industrial interconnection Association, Shenzhen Industrial interconnection Industry Association and Qingdao industrial interconnection industry alliance jointly issued the Joint Declaration on Ecological Co Construction in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Qingdao. The three places will jointly build an industrial interconnection ecosystem through resource sharing and complementary advantages

jointly build and share industrial ecology

experts at the meeting said that industrial interconnection is not only a tool to improve industrial production efficiency and production quality, but also a new form of industrial organization, a living industrial ecology, and can interact with human intelligence. Therefore, industrial interconnection no longer produces cold products, but produces scenes containing human emotions, and human personalized needs are met in scenes. At present, what IOT has spawned is industrial interconnection or industrial interconnection, which is essentially experience economy. Zhang Ruimin said

as it is said in the scene Revolution: most of the time, what people like is not the product itself, but the scene in which the product is located and the emotions they infiltrate in the scene

CAOS, the industrial interconnection platform incubated by Haier, is a typical industrial interconnection ecosystem. During the epidemic, user interaction on the Kaos platform showed that many users had two needs for masks: first, they bought them in time; The second is to use it safely, that is, users hope that the mask can not only prevent droplets, but also have anti-virus and isolation functions

there is an epoxy disinfection and sterilization cycle of at least 14 days in the traditional mask production process. How can we shorten these 14 days and at the same time cause a part of waste so that the mask has the function of disinfection and isolation? Focusing on the needs of users, CAOS, together with mingyaotang, a marine technology enterprise, and Puhua, a melt blown cloth raw material factory, developed a chitin self disinfecting mask in only 20 days, completely replacing the epoxy disinfection and sterilization process, so that the mask can be self disinfected and ready to use

the experts at the meeting believed that in the industrial ecosystem of industrial interconnection, enterprises should not only actively embrace big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, but also start the reform of their own organizational structure, so as to turn the interior of enterprises into a small ecosystem without walls, so as to integrate into the large ecosystem of industrial interconnection, and self organize, self drive, self value-added and self evolve around user needs. Enterprises can no longer use the traditional bureaucratic organization, and high-level orders are transmitted and implemented from top to bottom

as James Moore, the initiator of business ecosystem theory, said, the 21st century is not a competition between enterprises, but a competition between business ecosystem and business ecosystem. Therefore, each business ecosystem has four different stages of development, namely, birth, expansion, leadership and self-renewal. If there is no self-renewal, it will perish, which is a process of co evolution

experts said that to achieve self-renewal, enterprises should create themselves and maximize human value, which is the condition and driving force of coevolution. In the era of industrial interconnection, enterprises should pay attention to human value and human existence to realize value rationality, which is the way of enterprises. Said Li Peigen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering

experts pointed out that the industrial Internet ecosystem will provide users with increasingly personalized and customized scenario demand solutions based on user needs, that is, human needs. There is no need to issue orders within the enterprise. Employees are self-organized, self driven, self value-added and self evolving according to user needs. Various ecological resources are created and co evolved around the iteration of user needs, so as to evolve into a richer ecosystem. More and more ecological resources will breed new species

in this process, on the other hand, it will affect the active users of materials, enterprise partners, enterprise employees and society to interact and create in their ecosystem, maximize the release and cohesion of the potential of all parties, so as to realize the high-quality development of social economy and create a compatible and sustainable new business life, the most fundamental of which is to respect and support the maximization of human value. (end)

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