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Industrial interconnection has caused four wars. Safety enterprises join hands with industrial enterprise protection

in 2013, the Germans first proposed the industrial 4.0 strategy at the Hannover exhibition, and then the Americans proposed the concept of industrial interconnection. The essential content of the two is the same, and both point to one core, which is intelligent manufacturing

undoubtedly, this digitalization can greatly improve the quality and manufacturing efficiency of products, reduce production costs, and quickly meet the more personalized needs of the whole market and consumers. Therefore, more and more enterprises gradually apply Internet technology to industrial production, forming the industrial interconnection of data flow, hardware, software and intelligent interaction. It increasingly presents a new situation and carries a new mission, and gradually becomes the main position of open integration and innovation drive

this is a new manufacturing mode that can really generate value, but its characteristics of relying on connected devices and various computing capabilities also give birth to new security challenges

behind the avalanche effect, the safety of industrial control is at stake

the United States launched attacks on the power systems of South American countries such as Venezuela and Argentina, where the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is currently low, resulting in large-scale power outages throughout the country, national traffic paralysis, difficulties in daily life of residents, and the country is close to collapse; Iran should invite a qualified construction team to install the hydraulic universal testing machine. Wu Lang's relevant organizations deployed a new malware zeroclear against the energy and industrial departments in the Middle East, with the intention of launching an attack. In addition, the Iranian hacker organization apt33 has also shifted its focus from the IT network to the industrial control system (ICS) that controls utilities and refineries, causing major damage to electricity, refineries and other energy assets

in the view of attackers, the strike against industrial control systems and key information infrastructure is more likely to cause a nationwide avalanche effect due to the fault response of containment and linkage between systems

many countries have recognized this problem, and some industrial enterprises have begun to seek professional network security enterprise strong cooperation. On January 9, 360 enterprise security group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with icodi, the largest digital chemical factory in the domestic automotive industry, in Ningbo. The two sides announced that they would conduct in-depth cooperation in the field of industrial interconnection security and jointly create an industrial interconnection security pilot

cross border Cooperative industrial manufacturers join hands with network security enterprises

for a long time, industrial enterprises themselves have low network security technology and insufficient talent reserves. They face problems such as high equipment deployment cost, difficult evaluation of defense effect, large investment in security operation and maintenance, and no emergency response plan. Due to various considerations such as confidentiality of production technology, their cooperation with network security enterprises is not deep enough

there are also some network security enterprises that copy the traditional security solutions. There are wishful thinking products and services, it is difficult to slightly tighten the fixed handle to meet the actual needs, and it is difficult to promote the sales of products. Industrial enterprises have insufficient motivation to spend money and time to solve network security problems. Network security enterprises do not have enough income to support research and development, and some enterprises have difficulties in operation

based on the difficulties faced by the current industry, 360 has created an industrial interconnection solution. It uses the full security big data, Threat Intelligence and knowledge base accumulated for more than 360 years, combined with strong detection capabilities, to achieve a truly trusted environment in the industrial environment. In this environment, establish a multi-level trusted security domain, establish an active defense system for hosts, borders and networks, and build a complete industrial interconnection security solution. Through the unified security management platform, centralized management and operation and maintenance, combined with the industrial interconnection situation awareness platform, an efficient early warning and protection system from risk prediction to defense in depth is realized

this time, a full set of 360 industrial interconnection software and hardware platforms have been deployed in agcodi factory 5, including industrial firewalls, industrial audit systems, wireless network sensing devices, etc., and a complete industrial IOT security report has been received. In the future, this solution will also form a standardized model to safeguard the safety of other digital chemical plants

At the end of 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially released the 5g+ industrial interconnection 512 project promotion plan, which indicates that industrial interconnection has become one of the priority directions of 5g development

not long ago, alcody also announced that it had cooperated with Ningbo mobile to implement the end-to-end 5g application transformation of factory network and automatic production line, deployed nearly 200 network devices, and completed the park level 5g network coverage, with more than 2300 network devices, helping to improve the production efficiency of alcody by 10% to 20%

The combination of 5g and industrial interconnection will promote the transformation of manufacturing industry from single point and local application of information technology to digitalization, networking and intelligence, and also expose more key infrastructure to interconnection. The formulation of the specification for the management of public road testing of intelligent connected vehicles has brought greater security challenges: on the one hand, 5g protocol has added many security features in its design, such as the protection of user privacy by 5g core Network slice secondary authentication, etc., these are the improvement of security; On the other hand, 5g applications have accelerated the integration of industrial interconnection and industry. The traditional physical security isolation means have been difficult to resist external attacks for the whole industrial chain of industry, and also ushered in unprecedented challenges. The emergence of various new scenarios, 5g+ cloud computing, 5g+ edge technology, and the new integration of 5g+ big data have brought greater and more challenges to 5g. A large number of new capacity access and new equipment access have led to the blurring of the boundary of the original industrial environment, the larger the attack surface, the more starting points of attackers, and it is more difficult for defenders to defend

at this time, traditional means will lose effective protection in the scene of 5g+ industrial interconnection. At this time, it is more necessary for network security enterprises and operators to form big data collaboration with each other, and provide network security solutions from the fundamental network architecture and network configuration to help enterprises improve the security defense of industrial interconnection. 360 group has been actively promoting the construction of national industrial interconnection security, empowering enterprises engaged in industrial interconnection security services and establishing a good industrial interconnection security ecosystem through its own security capabilities and data accumulation. Through the circulation of safety data, we can realize the safety integration of industrial interconnection, create more opportunities for all partners and obtain higher value

the cross-border cooperation between 360 and ecody will become an example to replicate in industrial and other infrastructure fields and help accelerate the construction of local industrial interconnection industries

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