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Industrial interconnection has entered the key window period of implementation

as one of the new infrastructure, China's industrial interconnection is entering the key window period of implementation and application. It is understood that at present, the top-level design for the development of industrial interconnection in China has been completed, and the relevant competent departments are speeding up the preparation and introduction of a new round of policy support for industrial interconnection, which is important for buffer failure, and strengthening the application and empowerment of industries and regional implementation and promotion. At the local level, Fujian, Changsha and other places have recently intensively issued relevant policies and guidance

in this context, leading enterprises in the industry have accelerated their layout, and more than 100 platforms are competing for the trillion market. At the same time, relevant investment and financing activities are also very active. Some industrial Internet platform enterprises are actively operating enterprise restructuring and listing, and the upcoming science and innovation board has also expanded new financing space for industrial Internet enterprises

set standards and accelerate the pace of application

in November 2017, the State Council issued the guiding opinions on deepening the development of industrial interconnection by "interconnection + Advanced Manufacturing". After that, with the introduction of a series of policies and the promotion of pilot demonstration projects, China's industrial interconnection has developed rapidly. This year's government work report requires that we build an industrial Internet platform, expand "smart +" and empower the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

in the microelectronics development research of the Ministry of industry and information technology, consumers must see these two logos clearly when purchasing plastic bagged food. Yang Chunli, deputy director of the center, said that at present, the top-level design of China's industrial interconnection has been completed, but China's industrial interconnection platform is in its infancy, and there are still shortcomings and problems in industry standards, promotion and application, which need to be broken through. For example, the application service standards of industrial interconnection platforms for automotive, aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, light industrial appliances, information electronics and other vertical industries are missing

Ji Fengwei, deputy director of the National Engineering Laboratory of industrial big data application technology, also believes that at present, the industry as a whole and many fields have not formed a unified standard in the industry, and industrial interconnection is still in the stage of high-speed development, high-speed iteration and competitive positioning

since this year, a new round of policies has been intensively launched. The Ministry of industry and information technology proposed that by 2020, a relatively perfect top-level design of industrial interconnection network should be formed, and the industrial interconnection infrastructure and technology industry system should be preliminarily established. The "guidelines for the construction of integrated standardization system for industrial interconnection" recently issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the National Standardization Administration Committee clearly stipulates that by 2025, more than 100 standards will be formulated, focusing on promoting the standardization work supporting industrial applications

Wang Xinzhe, chief economist of the Ministry of industry and information technology, recently revealed at the press conference of the state information office that this year, we will focus on platform construction to carry out multi scenario, large-scale and large-scale testing and verification, and accelerate the pace of key industrial enterprises and key equipment on the cloud; Carry out cross industry and cross field platform selection and demonstration, select a number of platform benchmark projects and typical cases, and guide enterprises to carry out platform model innovation; Cultivate a batch of basic and industry-wide industrial apps for compression tests between the workbench and the moving beam

Yang Chunli revealed that in the next step, the implementation of policies will be strengthened in terms of industrial application empowerment, regional implementation and promotion, and ecological mechanism construction. It includes formulating a number of specifications, focusing on formulating specifications for data access, operation monitoring, evaluation and evaluation of industrial interconnection platforms; Leading enterprises in the industry are encouraged to cooperate with the industrial Internet platform to develop customized and easy to deploy industrial apps, which are promoted and applied to small and medium-sized enterprises

the market scale may reach trillion in 2020

with the support of a new round of policies, the development of industrial interconnection is entering the fast lane

data show that at present, the average number of industrial equipment connections of China's key industrial interconnection platforms has reached 590000, and the average number of registered households has exceeded 500000. The average revenue of platform related businesses in 2018 was about 500million yuan. At present, a number of innovative platform based solutions have been formed. Before that, plastic materials and products for food contact applicable to (EU) no10/2010 can still be put on the market and have been commercialized in light industry, steel, petrochemical, electronics and other industries

the Ministry of industry and information technology, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission and the national energy administration are jointly promoting the construction of the energy industry interconnection platform (national energy smart information platform), creating an application model of industrial interconnection in the energy field, forming replicable and promotable experience, so as to promote the implementation and application of industrial interconnection in the energy industry

around the industrial application, many places have also issued relevant plans and rules. In April this year, Changsha proposed to publicly select 20 excellent industrial apps and 20 industrial app innovation and application demonstration enterprises within the city every year, and give financial incentives; Support innovative applications based on identification resolution services in key industries such as construction machinery, automobile and parts, food and medicine, and new materials. Fujian Province proposes to support leading enterprises with industrial interconnection foundation, integrate and use their platform level tools in different fields, build a whole industry ecological chain that promotes the agglomeration of upstream and downstream, and form new growth points

relevant investment and financing activities are becoming increasingly active

at present, leading manufacturing enterprises and information technology enterprises attach great importance to the construction of industrial interconnection platforms, and take the construction of industrial interconnection platforms as an important strategy of enterprises. At present, Haier, aerospace science and industry, XCMG machinery, Sany Heavy Industry and other manufacturing enterprises, as well as Alibaba, Dongfang Guoxin, Inspur, Huawei and other large ICT enterprises have built cross industry and cross domain industrial interconnection platforms based on cloud computing, big data and other technologies. Yang Chunli revealed that by the end of 2018, there were more than 100 industrial Internet platforms, and nearly 20% of cross industry and cross domain platforms

innovation and entrepreneurship projects in the field of industrial interconnection have also been favored by the venture capital community. Shugen Internet obtained hundreds of millions of yuan of round a financing, and Jiyun technology obtained 100million yuan of round B financing. At the same time, XCMG, TCL, Zoomlion and other large group enterprises stripped off and integrated relevant internal resources, and established independent operating subsidiaries of industrial interconnection platform business. In addition, some industrial Internet platform enterprises are actively operating enterprise restructuring and listing

"the driving force of industry development is changing from top-down policy promotion to bottom-up spontaneous demand of enterprises. The application of industrial interconnection has brought tangible cost reduction and efficiency increase to enterprises." Liu Guoqing, an analyst at Pacific Securities, said

Yang Chunli said that in the next step, with the opening of the science and technology innovation board and the implementation of the registration system, the capital market has gradually increased its investment activities and investment in advanced manufacturing enterprises represented by the industrial Internet platform, the financing scale and financing activities of the platform have increased simultaneously, and an industry development pattern of industry finance integration and benign mutual promotion is taking shape

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