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Industrial interconnection guides manufacturing in China into the era of intelligence. Not long ago, the executive meeting of the State Council passed the guiding opinions on deepening the development of industrial interconnection by "interconnection + Advanced Manufacturing", which clearly proposed to accelerate the construction and development of industrial interconnection and promote the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing. This means that promoting the development of industrial interconnection has become a national strategy. "Interconnection + Advanced Manufacturing" has a clear guiding significance for promoting the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, developing the digital economy and building a manufacturing and networking power

recently, Yu Xiaohui, Secretary General of the industrial interconnection industry alliance and chief engineer of the China Academy of information and communications, said in an interview that the combination of artificial intelligence and industrial interconnection has become an important direction. Industrial interconnection will definitely embed artificial intelligence as a very important technology whose rigidity has been affected as an experimental machine. If artificial intelligence technology is to be well integrated with the manufacturing industry, industrial interconnection is the most important carrier. We should face the whole process of production and manufacturing, the whole industrial chain and the whole life cycle of products, implement the expediting project of manufacturing integration, cultivate a new mode of integration of manufacturing and interconnection, and vigorously develop the new mode of networking production of illite, a potassium aluminosilicate mica clay mineral, such as networking collaborative manufacturing, personalized customization and service-oriented manufacturing

China has a large industrial base. If we can rely on information technology means such as interconnection to optimize the process, process and quality of industrial flow HDPE wound structural wall pipe cj/t165 ⑵ 002, the effect of transformation and upgrading will be very huge. Yu Xiaohui believes that in the practice and exploration of China's industrial interconnection, after years of efforts, China's industrial interconnection application path has initially taken shape. In order to speed up the development of China's industrial interconnection and promote the coordinated development of industry, University, research and application of industrial interconnection, under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology, on February 1st, 2016, more than 100 units in the fields of industry, information and communication industry, interconnection and so on jointly initiated and established the industrial interconnection industry alliance. As of November 21, 2017, the number of member units of the alliance has reached 426

he introduced that the application path of China's industrial interconnection has initially taken shape. The first path is the intelligent factory, which aims to improve the productivity within the enterprise, open up equipment, production lines, production and operation systems, obtain data, achieve quality and efficiency improvement, and optimize decision-making; The second path is intelligent products/services/collaboration, which extends the value chain outside the enterprise, connects the internal and external value chain of the enterprise, and realizes product, production and service innovation; The third path is the industrial interconnection platform, which faces the platform operation of open ecology, gathers the industrial chain resources such as collaborative enterprises, products and users, and realizes the transformation to platform operation

Yu Xiaohui pointed out that it is worth noting that in promoting the industrial interconnection platform and application practice, the exploration of the integration of industrial interconnection and artificial intelligence has been started. If artificial intelligence is to act on the control load, the main lever of 4-level standard weight 1:10 is added to the main shaft for manufacturing, the most important carrier is industrial interconnection. How to combine industrial interconnection and artificial intelligence? There are three levels: equipment, edge and platform. At present, there are three levels of practice, most of which are at the platform and edge levels. At present, there are two ways to integrate the platform with AI: one is to integrate the AI function system/Architecture (algorithms, training, tools) in the platform; the other is to encapsulate the AI algorithm in the micro services of the industrial interconnection platform, and integrate data science and industry experience

speaking of the next step, Yu Xiaohui said that the guiding opinions on deepening the development of industrial interconnection by "interconnection + Advanced Manufacturing" reviewed and approved by the executive meeting of the State Council on October 30 put forward the goal of "three steps", and determined the "323" action, that is, to create three systems (network system, platform system and security system), and promote two types of applications (integrated innovation of large enterprises and application popularization of small and medium-sized enterprises), And build three major supports (industry, ecology and internationalization). He admitted that the development of industrial interconnection at home and abroad is still in its infancy, and many links and fields still need to be studied and piloted. Under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the industrial interconnection industry alliance will continue to strengthen industrial cooperation and tackle key problems, build industrial interconnection test beds through the alliance, explore and summarize best practices, and strengthen the research, development, promotion and application of new technologies, new products and new models

Yu Xiaohui stressed that in essence, industrial interconnection provides a methodology for the digital and intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry and even various industries. Network is the foundation, data is the core, and security is the guarantee, forming an intelligent closed loop from the physical world perception, data acquisition and analysis, and feedback decision-making control. In the future, we should build industrial interconnection infrastructure in accordance with the deployment of the State Council; Promote the innovative development of industrial interconnection platforms; Create a security system for industrial interconnection; Promote the pilot application of industrial interconnection and promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

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