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Industrial interconnection looks forward to "overtaking in the corner"

longmang Baili (13.950, 0.00, 0.00%) announced on February 13 that in recent years, industrial interconnection has become a common choice for major industrial countries to seize the commanding heights of international manufacturing competition and seek new economic growth points. The development of industrial interconnection in China is entering the fast lane, and the enthusiasm and activity of enterprises have increased significantly.

the Ministry of industry and information technology is studying and formulating the development strategy of industrial interconnection, which will further form the top-level design of the development of industrial interconnection in China. At the 2017 industrial interconnection summit held on February 21, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that enterprises should seize the opportunity of online and offline integration to jointly promote industrial interconnection R & D innovation, platform development, application demonstration and industrial cultivation. Xu Yingbo, chief analyst of CITIC Securities' forward-looking research, predicted at the summit that the scale of China's industrial interconnection will reach about 450 billion yuan by 2020

accelerate top-level design

Industrial interconnection can see the application of crop Union in industrial systems, covering almost all industries, including manufacturing. Lin Shiwan, CO chairman and CEO of American industrial interconnection, said that industrial interconnection is not only the connection of equipment itself, but also the end-to-end connection, as well as the overall connection from equipment, operation to business system. This is why the American industrial Interconnection Reference architecture emphasizes the overall integration of equipment control, operation, information, application and business functions, and puts data analysis at the center

Yu Xiaohui, Secretary General of the industrial interconnection industry alliance and chief engineer of the China Academy of information and communications, also said that the industrial interconnection industry alliance has formulated the industrial interconnection system architecture, emphasizing that network is the foundation, data is the core, and security is the premise, and has issued the industrial interconnection standard system

the Ministry of industry and information technology is accelerating the top-level design of China's industrial interconnection development. A number of integrated solutions have emerged in key areas such as new network deployment, industrial interconnection platform, industrial big data analysis and security assurance, forming a number of verification and demonstration platforms and excellent application cases. Miao Wei said

the overall environment for the development of China's industrial interconnection is accelerating. According to Zhang Feng, chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Shanghai, Liaoning and other places have formulated and released action plans for the development of industrial interconnection, and Shanghai is also actively promoting the construction of pilot cities for industrial interconnection. Leading enterprises such as Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huawei and Chinatelecom have come up with influential industrial interconnection solutions, which have been successfully applied in some fields. The next step is to guide the information and communication industry, Internet enterprises and local leading manufacturing enterprises to strengthen cooperation, and actively explore and form typical products and excellent solutions for industrial interconnection in subdivisions

Yu Xiaohui frankly said that at present, the networking transformation of China's industrial system is far from complete. Realizing industrial connection and networking is an important foundation for realizing intelligent manufacturing and achieving the made in China 2025 goal. Chenzhongyue, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom group and member of the Party group, said that an in-depth investigation of more than 200 enterprises showed that a large number of industrial manufacturing equipment in China were old, and it was difficult to connect and collect data. The system data was relatively independent and difficult to manage

form an industrial system

China's industrial interconnection industrial system is taking shape, and it is expected to realize overtaking on curves with the help of the transformation of the times. Yu Xiaohui said that at present, there are four modes of industrial interconnection in China. One is intelligent production based on on-site connection. Connect the production equipment and control equipment through sensors, and then optimize the data and production process to realize intelligent upgrading. At present, the petrochemical, steel, electronic information and home appliance industries are doing it; The second is the intellectualization of products, and the incubation and extension of product links. At present, there are breakthroughs in engineering machinery, electrical equipment and other products; The third is based on the mode of enterprise interconnection and networking cooperation. Aviation, aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding and home appliance industries have taken the lead. Collaborative network work also includes the crowdsourcing mode of R & D and design, which is a characteristic part of China's work; Fourth, personalized customization based on virtual precise docking. There have been a lot of attempts in home appliances, clothing, home furnishing and other industries to directly respond to user needs through interconnection, and then adversely affect the allocation of ecology and resources

China may find a way to measure and manufacture the Yunshao hardness tester that meets its own national conditions. Gaohongwei, chairman of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, believes that China's industrialization is far less than that of European, American and Japanese countries and regions, but in recent years, communication and Internet technology, especially mobile Internet technology, has shown leadership in the field of consumption and popular applications. From the practice of aerospace cloud, the popularization, application and promotion of Internet technology in the manufacturing field is very smooth. Aerospace cloud has attracted nearly 600000 users without advertising, and its profits and operating revenue have doubled in the past two years

Zhuang rongwen, deputy director of the central network security and Informatization Leading Group Office, said that China's industrial interconnection industry still faces challenges in standardization, technology R & D and application, and security application mode innovation. There is an urgent need to speed up the construction of an open and benign industrial ecosystem, build industrial interconnection on the basis of the local rich industrial ecosystem, and form a benign interaction among innovation chain, industrial chain, value chain and industrial ecosystem

building a security fortress

industrial interconnection has brought new opportunities for the upgrading and development of basic network capabilities such as identity resolution, IPv6 and mobile communication, provided new space for the application of new generation information technology such as cloud computing, IOT, big data and artificial intelligence, and provided new impetus for the development of industrial digitalization, networking and intelligence. Miao Wei said

the industrial prospect of industrial interconnection is self-evident. But without security, industrial interconnection will be impossible. The security risks of industrial interconnection are larger and more complex than those of consumer interconnection. Qi Xiangdong, chairman of 360 enterprise security group, believes that ubiquitous network connections, uninterrupted big data collection, and intelligent control from the cloud are the characteristics of industrial interconnection that many enterprises are attracted to, and also expose more and more industrial systems to the Internet

according to the monitoring data of 360 sky patch platform, in the past three years, 28.05% of 82 industrial enterprises in the members of the industrial Internet Alliance have had vulnerabilities in the past three years, and 23.2% are high-risk vulnerabilities, which pose a greater risk of network attacks

Zhuang rongwen also said that in recent years, industrial interconnection has encountered a continuous series of major security incidents. It is necessary to speed up the improvement of equipment embedded security mechanism, dynamic network security defense mechanism, information and functional security integration mechanism, industrial data and the number of users. 5. The main load indicator moves too fast or too slow: according to the protection mechanism, we should further break through the core technology of industrial interconnection that is independently controllable, We will increase the training of a number of core technical and management personnel in the field of industrial interconnection security, and effectively maintain the safety of industrial interconnection

it is reported that 360 has launched an industrial Internet security situational awareness and early warning platform. All 82 Enterprises in the industrial Internet industry alliance join for free, and can receive vulnerability early warning and solution suggestions in real time. We will take this platform as the starting point to establish an industrial interconnection security operation and Analysis Center, which is the best practice of data-driven security. Qi Xiangdong said

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