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The global warming of industrial manufacturing may become an inflection point

at the beginning of 2017, the manufacturing industry around the world has warmed up, but under the new situation of the return of high-end manufacturing in developed countries and the gradual double squeeze of the advantages of production factors in emerging economies, as the manufacturing center of the world, China 2015nbsp; The Symposium on the application of rubber and plastic and innovative materials may become an inflection point for the development of industrial manufacturing by expanding overseas business and practicing the "going out" strategy. In the face of the global competition pattern, the industrial manufacturing industry attaches importance to the two major units of products and services. Only by deeply participating in the overseas economic development can it shoulder the banner of globalization. In the field of low-voltage electrical appliances, Delixi Electric has taken innovation as the core strategy of Chinese enterprises in the process of overseas expansion

leading to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, constantly importing and participating in global competition

at the beginning of the joint venture, Delixi Electric had a very clear vision, that is, to become one of the leading enterprises of low-voltage electrical, and to sell Chinese low-voltage electrical products to all parts of the world while developing rapidly in China. Nowadays, Delixi Electric has achieved unprecedented development in its overseas market expansion. It has constantly expanded its territory on the road of going global, with its export volume increasing year by year and its export ranking far ahead of the industry. In the face of the rise of emerging markets such as India, Africa and the Middle East, Delixi Electric's products continue to compete with international electrical giants around the world. Relying on its late development advantages, Delixi Electric has successfully participated in a series of major projects, such as the Sao Paulo arena at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Brazil World Cup, the 2018 Russia world cup St. Petersburg stadium, and the megaphone base station, Russia's largest communication company, Constantly refresh the international community's understanding of the high quality made in China

(Delixi Electric's overseas businesses all over the world, covering 50 + countries in the world)

are popular all over the world to help the the Belt and Road

at last year's APEC summit, President Xi Jinping made the most vivid comments for the the Belt and Road, with special emphasis on injecting new impetus into the world economic recovery and opening up a new path for world economic growth, which also affirmed the direction of Delixi Electric's overseas layout and development. As a senior enterprise with global operation, Delixi Electric has a sales network system in more than 50 countries around the world, and has business with countries involved along the the Belt and Road; Perfect overseas customized products meet all kinds of international certification CE, CB, Kema, Semko, etc., and provide targeted products and professional overall solutions to meet the special needs of different markets, and adjust and optimize the services of domestic five-star certification and national top ten honors according to local conditions; It also set up two global logistics service centers to ensure that goods can be delivered to customers at the first time with an efficient logistics system

Delixi Electric not only has mature channels overseas, but also actively seeks innovative breakthroughs, establishes local localized brands, and employs foreigners to sell Delixi Electric products of local brands abroad, which is unique in China's low-voltage electrical industry. By having different brands, sales channels and sales teams overseas, Delixi Electric has brought rapid overseas business development. At the beginning of 2017, Delixi Electric's overseas salesmen gathered at the enterprise sales conference to focus on the overseas business layout and lay a solid strategic foundation for the corporate vision of global control and slow response

made in China leads international quality

Delixi Electric always adheres to the concept of independent innovation, scientific development and leading made in China, actively promotes the transformation of the industry to an intelligent operation system, and builds a world-class digital transparent factory. At a cost of more than 1 billion, Delixi electric Wuhu new industrial park has become the factory with the highest degree of automation in China's low-voltage electrical industry, It marks that the manufacturing level of China's low-voltage electrical manufacturing industry is moving towards made in China 2025. Delixi Electric operates the real economy and manufacturing industry. The core is manufacturing. Supply chain is one of the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry. In addition to upgrading the hardware, Delixi Electric has built a supply chain management system, equipped with an international advanced production technology platform to meet the different needs of different national power markets for products

(the quality of scientific and technological cooperation between Delixi Electric and Wuhu is also constantly improving the new industrial park)

win in 2017 Rio Tinto's overseas market

2017 is a year of reform, innovation and transformation of China's economic and social development, as well as a year of challenges and leaps in the surging low-voltage electrical industry. With the deepening of BRICs cooperation and the increasingly clear impact of the the Belt and Road strategy on the development of countries along the route, Delixi Electric will continue to lead the global export of China's low-voltage electrical industry, promote China's intelligent manufacturing to the world, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the global economy by adhering to quality innovation and deepening international operations

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