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Chongqing printing and packaging enterprise innovation and development new ecosystem

release date: Source: Qiyi Dingzhao (Chongqing) Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

can packaging industry enterprises use cloud computing, IOT, big data, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technologies to break the boundaries between people, machines, things and services, and realize the efficient operation of enterprises driven by data, as well as the innovation of production methods and business models? The answer is: Yes

Chongqing Hongjin Printing Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Huamao Paper Co., Ltd. use such technologies and platforms to make the interconnection between people and equipment and between equipment become a reality through intelligent matching, intelligent production scheduling and intelligent monitoring. Through data, we can not only know the operation of equipment and generate a scientific production resource allocation scheme, but also through the shared manufacturing mode of "platform order receiving, process decomposition and multi factory collaboration", It has created a new ecosystem for enterprise development

use the digital station building to accurately control the energy utilization

enter the equipment control room of Chongqing Hongjin Printing Co., Ltd., an employee is using the "one-stop intelligent detection and control system" to accurately control the power consumption in the factory

"now our production equipment can realize remote start and stop, parameter acquisition, storage and analysis, because of the intelligent manufacturing solution provided by flying elephant." Zhang Linlin, deputy general manager of the production department of Hongjin printing company, said

in the past, Hongjin printing company had to specially arrange technicians to patrol the equipment eight times a day. Even so, there are still many faults that are difficult to find

"at that time, the air compressor in the factory could not automatically start and stop with the change of gas consumption, and the statistics of equipment energy consumption and other data required employees to manually read the meter... The production process was more complicated, and the service with a smile." Zhang Senlin recalled

in July 2019, Hongjin Printing Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Feixiang industrial interconnection Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Feixiang) upgraded the traditional station building to a digital station building by using the power workshop energy-saving management system cloud platform and client. Since then, Hongjin printing company can monitor the operation of the air compression system anytime and anywhere

"when the equipment fails, the main control panel and its client of the system will alarm in time." Zhang Linlin said, "for example, when the current of the equipment exceeds the limit, the operating parameters of the equipment will meet the fault warning conditions, and the system will automatically remind technicians to troubleshoot."

by intelligently adjusting the operation of the machine, the normal operation rate of gb/t 16823.2 (1) 997 general rules for tightening ribbed fasteners of the equipment has been improved, thus greatly improving the work efficiency

with the help of flying elephant, the power consumption of the air compressor station of Hongjin printing company decreased by about 15%, saving about 250000 kwh of electricity and about 50% of staff working hours every year

create a new ecosystem for enterprise development by using the packaging industry internet service platform

Longyan city will build one of the six major rare earth functional material bases in China & nbsp; Strengthening the rare earth industry

since May this year, Chongqing Huamao Paper Co., Ltd. has received orders from small and medium-sized packaging manufacturing enterprises with the help of the "kingzon packaging industry internet service platform" jointly built by flying elephant and Dingzhao (Chongqing) Packaging Technology Co., Ltd

with the support of this platform, the settled enterprises not only get through the packaging order data chain, but also have the abilities of online order receiving, cloud processing, equipment capacity sharing and collaborative manufacturing, but also enhance the digital management ability within the enterprise

"enterprises like Huamao paper have strong technology. We help customers use the changing market pattern to achieve their ultimate goal of seeking business success, profit goals and sustainable development. Our strength can provide technical support and supply capacity for small and medium-sized enterprises with weak productivity in the industrial chain." Xue Jianjun, the operation director of Dingzhao company, said, "all cooperative enterprises can use the platform to share production capacity, equipment and technical standards, form a complementary pattern of advantages, and give play to the overall competitive advantage."

different from the traditional collaboration mode, with the help of the platform resources, we can easily "touch the cloud" to realize collaborative manufacturing

in addition, flying elephant also provides a strong guarantee for "kingzon packaging industry internet service platform" in terms of cloud computing, big data and other information technology, so as to ensure that the enterprises settled on the platform can operate in accordance with the process specifications and further promote the innovation and development of enterprises

through the in-depth integration of manufacturing resources, the platform has formed a shared manufacturing mode of "platform order receiving, process decomposition, and multi factory collaboration", which has opened up various data and business processes in the upstream and downstream industrial chain, formed a collaborative manufacturing network among enterprises, and changed the development situation of enterprises that once worked independently

at the same time, "kingzon packaging industry internet service platform" also provides industrial e-commerce, financial technology and other services for Huamao paper company, connects the resources of financial service platform, logistics service platform, talent service platform and entrepreneurship and innovation platform, and creates a new ecosystem for enterprise development

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