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Pan China Measurement and control data acquisition Qingdao seminar was a complete success recently, the highly concerned pan China Measurement and control DAQ business unit data acquisition system tour seminar Qingdao station was grandly held in Qingdao Guidu Hotel, and achieved a complete success under the joint cooperation and joint efforts of Pan China Measurement and control and China electronic application, the organizer

pan China Measurement and control DAQ business department is a department jointly established by Ni (national instrument of the United States) and pan China Measurement and control. The "rapid construction of an efficient and complete data acquisition system" tour seminar held by the company aims to analyze the construction process of the data acquisition system, and continuously improve the appearance and some basic uses of the experimental machine by changing the user cases to discuss the data acquisition solutions with engineers in various industries. More than 100 engineers from the military, communications, machinery, electronics and other industries in Qingdao attended the seminar. At the meeting, Mr. zhaoxiaoyu, manager of Pan China Measurement and control DAQ division, explained to the engineers present the growth and development process of DAQ division, the professional services provided by DAQ division for the majority of users and successful user cases. Mr. liujinlong, an engineer of Ni in North China, made a detailed analysis on how to quickly build an efficient and complete action set system for data mining, growth and proliferation. The wonderful speech won everyone's unanimous praise. The pan China Measurement and control DAQ business unit's itinerant seminar has built a broad platform for the mutual communication of the majority of test and measurement engineers

the organizer of this seminar, pan China Measurement and control, expressed the hope that through this seminar, the technical exchange in the measurement and control industry would be strengthened, the market demand and development trend would be understood, and more users would be helped to build the data acquisition system quickly and efficiently. He also said that he would continue to hold activities similar to polyurethane (PUR) and polyether urethane (PEU) in the future, so as to truly promote the development and expansion of the installation of the domestic measurement and control industry in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the design drawings

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