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On the evening of November 19, 2019, pan China Chemical won the "innovation technology award" for the 60th anniversary of the coating industry. The coating industry improved the rapid cycle cost of large heat-resistant parts under the hood in Shanghai. It will take more than 10 manufacturing cities to hold a grand celebration for the 60th anniversary of the publication, with the theme of "inheriting history and saluting the future", A series of large-scale activities were held. In order to pay tribute to the industry and reflect the power of role models, the celebration set up a "tribute" chapter to select and commend major scientific and technological achievements, meritorious figures, outstanding figures, international companies, national enterprises, innovative technologies, benchmarking projects, etc. that have emerged in the industry in the past 60 years. The coatings were selected by means of statistical data over the years, social impact, expert review and peer review. Pan China Chemical's patented product "near infrared reflective titanium dioxide ir-1000" won the "innovation technology award" with the world's top performance and customer evaluation, which once again shows that the coating industry highly recognizes pan China Chemical's innovation and invention achievements

it is reported that Fanhua chemical focuses on the technological development of titanium dioxide products. By strengthening the investment in software and hardware and the construction of technical teams, it has continuously upgraded the new material R & D Laboratory of the core holding technology enterprise "Jiangsu tefeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd." and the third-party testing organization "Zhenjiang Fanhua Testing Technology Co., Ltd." of CNAs and CMA. The new materials research and development laboratory has expanded into a pilot laboratory with a large number of experimental equipment, such as full process simulation facilities for titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method, ion exchange facilities, etc. it has carried out a number of forward-looking research and development of high-end titanium dioxide products and new material products, and the early-stage technical achievements have been successively implemented and transformed. The CNAs and CMA of Pan China testing have continuously expanded their certification, added the testing capabilities of near-infrared reflection and lithium battery electrical performance, and has developed into an independent third-party testing organization with the testing capabilities of titanium dioxide multi-functional materials

Ni Xiaoguang, chairman of Pan China chemical, expressed his deep honor for winning the "innovation technology award" this time, and thanked many partners for their constant support, help and affirmation. At present, pan China chemical is planning to further introduce talents to enrich and expand its technology and marketing team; Continue to promote the progress of R & D projects of key new materials in an orderly manner, and accelerate the steady implementation of existing R & D achievements; Complete the R & D and transformation of high-performance titanium dioxide products in subdivided fields as planned, and promote the construction and production of lithium titanate project by stages. Pan China chemical is committed to providing more and better new technologies for the public. The company began to produce pet preform molding and new products two years ago to better serve enterprise customers

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