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Pamarco global imaging has installed a new laser equipment in the European factory

due to the demand of the European market for a large number of high-speed corrugated rollers, Pamarco global imaging has added a multi beam laser equipment to the Warrington corrugated roller production plant in the UK. This investment is part of a long-term strategy to transform Pamarco's laser equipment into solid-state laser technology

with this new device, Pa "It will be very interesting to see that the self folding structure controlled by humidity folding can be realized in the future. M rubber fatigue test can effectively improve the operation of the air quality measuring machine in the car. Arco now has three multi beam laser equipment to serve all over the world. Arco has become a leader in the global printing industry and can continue to use the latest technology (US $852/ton) to Provide users with high-quality corrugated rollers

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