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Pan China TT & C has become a qualified supplier of institute 502 of the Fifth Academy of aerospace engineering. For enterprises engaged in the production of aerospace and other defense equipment, passing the qualification examination of qualified suppliers is an authoritative certification of the production capacity and product quality of the enterprise

recently, Beijing Zhongke Fanhua measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fanhua measurement and control") accepted the review by the 502 Research Institute of the Fifth Academy of Astronautics for its qualification of consuming 4 pieces of aluminum foil in one experiment for the production of special ground test equipment, and obtained the qualification of qualified supplier. This honor marks that the test products of Pan China TT & C have made great progress in aerospace and other fields, and is another milestone in the growth of Pan China TT & C

according to relevant regulations, the qualification rate of the review items must be more than 80% to obtain qualification recognition, which means that there can be no more than 19 unqualified items in the total 96 review items. Such a review standard is necessary for the defense industry, but it is also quite harsh for suppliers. During the four and a half hour intensive review process, pan China TT & C finally passed the review with 80 items qualified and 16 items unqualified, with a pass rate of 83%, which has accumulated valuable experience for accepting the review of similar national defense departments and national military standards in the future

this review covers the implementation of more than ten related works, including the "latecomer" pan tansongbin, who is confident in the following 10 aspects: Huazu measurement and control qualification certification, quality management system construction, personnel capacity, equipment capacity, material supply management, environmental management, software management, quality problem management, product production management, etc. In terms of the relatively difficult quality management system construction, pan China Measurement and control has performed commendably. For example, in the design and manufacturing of ground equipment, pan China TT & C fully considered the requirements of reliability, safety, maintainability and calibration, actively implemented the closed-loop management and inspection record tracking system, made the products and documents unique and traceable, and carried out test coverage analysis and inspection to ensure that the test content of the products was comprehensive, complete and free of missing items

quality management is also one of the focuses of this review. According to the requirements of the review team, pan China TT & C made a commitment to report quality problems within 2 hours, to draw inferences from one instance within 6 hours, and to organize the problem return to zero in a timely manner. These commitments were unanimously approved by the review team

the staff of Pan China TT & C said that through this audit, they have more realized the importance of quality without trivial matters, especially in aerospace and other national defense fields. In the future, we will increase investment in this area to better serve customers. For more information, please visit:

* about flexible testing technology

flexible testing technology is a technology that focuses on the overall function and performance of the test and measurement system, and researches and develops methods and means to meet the requirements of the test and measurement system. It takes the virtual instrument technology as the core, and integrates many technologies such as test and measurement, mechatronics, network communication and software; The research aims at the accuracy, reliability, adaptability, flexibility and expansibility of the test system; It is not only application-oriented, but also focused on the development of testing industry, which promotes the rapid development of modern testing technology in practical applications

* about Pan China Measurement and control

pan China Measurement and control was established in 1997. After more than ten years of development, it has become the pioneer of modern testing and measurement technology in China. Supported by flexible testing technology, pan China Measurement & control specializes in the research and development of measurement and control products, and provides services such as integration, calibration and training; Pan China Measurement & control focuses on the solutions and complete sets of equipment for testing and measurement in the production process, and its services cover a wide range of aerospace, automotive, marine, electronics, electric power and other fields. In the automotive industry, he has excellently provided high-quality services to Siemens VDO, Honeywell, Hubei Erqi, Delphi and other customers, and won praise for accurate measurement, thoughtful service and deep understanding

pan China TT & C has offices in 7 cities across the country and permanent staff in 9 cities, which can provide localized support for users; At the same time, in order to provide users with standardized services, the company has established a perfect product and service quality management system, passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification in 2004, and successfully passed the version change and certificate change review of the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification in early 2010

* about Pan China Hengxing

Beijing Pan China Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Pan China Hengxing") is a leading industry measurement and control expert and professional measurement and control technology company in China. It provides professional testing and measurement solutions and complete sets of testing equipment for users in various industries, especially high-tech enterprises in the fields of aviation, aerospace and military industry. Because it is strong enough, it can eliminate the load limit of bridge users. The company was founded in September, 2010 and is located in Zhongguancun High Tech Park, Haidian District, Beijing. Pan China Hengxing has a group of measurement and control industry experts who are familiar with various fields, has rich experience in testing and measurement engineering and a number of independent intellectual property rights, and has become a member of Beijing Zhongguancun Regional Enterprise Federation and an aerospace industry alliance unit

as an overall solution provider of measurement and control system, pan China Hengxing's products cover independent products and environmental test equipment at machine, electricity, software and system levels; The industries involved include ATE products, rotating machinery (engine), electronic technology (radar), teaching courseware, system and tool level software, hardware products and technologies. The professional and perfect measurement and control product development, sales, integration, calibration, training and other services provided by Pan China Hengxing help users to achieve more accurate and demanding testing and measurement tasks

pan China Hengxing is committed to the research and development of flexible testing technology. With virtual instrument technology as the core, it integrates testing and measurement, electromechanical integration, network communication, software and other technologies to achieve the accuracy, reliability, adaptability, flexibility and expansibility of the testing system. B. whether the clamping is reliable promotes the rapid development of modern testing technology in practical applications

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