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Pan China launched the "three in one" integrated test system for automotive sensors and magnetized target wheels

recently, pan China officially delivered the integrated test system for the magnetization and final inspection of automotive sensors and target wheels for a customer. The system is based on flexible testing technology. After sufficient preliminary verification, it optimizes the design of a three in one testing solution that integrates the magnetization of the target wheel, the detection of the magnetized wheel and the final inspection of the automobile crankshaft sensor. The system has perfect functions, stable and reliable performance, simple operation, high testing accuracy and fast testing speed. It can meet the needs of the sensor production line for long-time and mass production testing. It is widely used in the production and use of steel, construction industry, prestressed steel wire, steel wire rope, wire and cable manufacturers

the system is composed of 5 stations: magnetization wheel loading station, magnetization wheel magnetization and final inspection station, magnetization wheel unloading station, magnetization wheel coding station and sensor detection station. The key test items meet the MSA test requirements and meet the magnetization difference of the target wheel. The main test interface can real-time display the test environment parameters, test items, test elongation converted to tension value status, test waveform and pass rate, with friendly interface and simple operation

compared with the traditional single automobile crankshaft/camshaft sensor test, the system has the following advantages:

l the magnetization and final inspection of the magnetizing wheel are integrated, and the final inspection of the sensor is integrated, which can share hardware resources to the greatest extent, such as mechanical structure, coding machine, etc., to achieve the most optimized cost

l except that the sensor needs to be loaded manually, the magnetizing wheel is fully automatic from loading to unloading, which greatly reduces the manual input, reduces the risk of manual operation and saves the labor cost

l the sensor is independent of the detection of the magnetizing wheel, which can ensure the accuracy of the sensor test

l the test of magnetizing wheel and sensor adopts modular design, which can be quickly changed and compatible with subsequent products to ensure product consistency and system universality

l the final inspection module of the sensor is designed to be compatible with the existing final inspection platform, and then check whether the oil returned to the oil tank is intermittently utilized to achieve optimization

magnetization and final inspection station

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