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Panasonic's successful strategy: Qiaoli enterprise spirit (3)

one day, a young man named Laojiu, who was working as a craftsman in the dyeing house, leaned out to wait for a glimpse of the long-known doctor Takao. Soon, the dazzling rows in the Tao appeared, and doctor Gao Wei slowly walked here with the doctor's unique internal eight characters. Before long, her beauty and appearance were close at hand, which made Lao Jiu dumbfounded and motionless. His companion knocked him on the shoulder and said, "man, what are you staring at? Are you in love with the doctor?" And said with a smile, "since you are in love, you might as well go to her. Although she is a famous doctor, she is a prostitute after all. As long as you have money, anyone can marry her overnight!"

after listening to what my partner said, I woke up for a long time and asked seriously, "how much does it cost? Please tell me, if money can solve it, I must try." The companion replied, "this is not a small amount. I think it must be fifteen liang of gold." "Fifteen liang of gold? How long will it take to save?" A dyeing house craftsman said, "it will take three years. Besides, you have to tighten your belt and work hard to save enough. If you are willing to use up that fifteen liang of gold overnight, you probably have no problem." The companion said half mockingly. But after listening for a long time, he made up his mind secretly and began to work hard to save food and money

after three years, Lao Jiu really saved fifteen liang of gold. Although it was in Yoshihara, where anyone could call a doctor freely, as a dyeing room craftsman, he still couldn't afford it. Therefore, he asked a doctor who came in and out of the boss's house to be a "person in the bar yard" and finally met with Dr. Takashi to test whether the temperature of the material tube and the temperature of the mold were suitable for the processing raw materials. At parting, the doctor said, "please come again." "I have to wait another three years to do it again," he replied Even if I don't want to come, I usually say, "I'll come again." However, Lao Jiu honestly replied: "we can't come back until three years..." the doctor felt strange. After repeated questioning, he said: "to be honest..."

doctor Takao was shocked. In order to spend a night with her, she had been suffering for three years. Moved by his honesty and innocence, she said, "I will marry you as soon as I have reached the end of my life here. To show my sincerity, I will give you thirty liang of gold I have saved and keep it for me until then." Global high-speed rail has entered a period of rapid development nbsp; Plastic materials welcomed business opportunities, so he gave him thirty liang of gold

doctors at that time were proud of their noble status, and most of them were princes or tycoons; However, the high tail doctor was moved by the old honesty of the dye house craftsman. It is said that after successfully completing her work, she really married Laojiu. The couple worked together to create the first dyeing house in Edo

the above is the general description of the famous "dyeing room with high tail". What do you think after reading it? Some people may think that it's really "boring" to use up all the money you saved so hard overnight. However, Mr. Matsushita believes that he has the courage, courage and sense of balance to carry out the things that others think are boring to the end. There is a side of life that transcends gains and losses. For the "goal" determined by yourself, even if you bet your life, you have to move forward bravely. What's wrong

fifteen Liang gold may be just a trifle to the princes and tycoons. But for Laojiu, he saved up to fifteen Liang with three years of perseverance and sweat and grease; But for the sake of what he was passionate about, he spent the whole night. This kind of spirit and boldness of vision is somewhat enlightening to operators

another revelation is that "what can move people's hearts is honesty after all" a series of dynamometers with clamps measure the force. Eloquence and money are important, but honesty is the most touching and appealing thing. It is also Lao Jiu's honesty that catches the heart of doctor Gao Wei

in the world where honesty is often despised, we should think about the valuable honesty we have shown for a long time

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