The wall decoration acceptance principle strictly

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The painting acceptance of the wall not only needs to see the general, but also pay close attention to the details. Master “ The three principles of one touch, one knock and one look will help you better grasp the quality of the wall during the acceptance

1. Touch and feel the wall coating

hollowing or uneven painting sometimes occurs in the coating process of the wall. After the wall coating, touch the wall surface gently, feel the undulation of the wall texture, and ensure the uniformity of painting. How can decoration save money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. If you find an empty drum on the wall, you also need to feel the position of the empty drum through touch

2. Second knock to check the tiling and mending

for the position where the tiles are laid indoors, feel the cement under the tiles by knocking on the wall and the ground, so as to ensure that the tiles are free of air leakage and avoid easy damage to the tiles due to heavy objects in the future

3. Three look at the angle of the wall

the angle of the wall is a very important link in the acceptance of the wall. Ensuring the verticality of the wall is related to the indoor beauty on the one hand, and more importantly, it is related to the indoor safety, which is the guarantee of whether the house has hidden dangers




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