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Miss the moon and send Acacia from afar. I believe everyone has entrusted their thoughts and good wishes to the bright moon and spent a beautiful Mid Autumn Festival night. It's needless to say that those who have relatives around them are the happiest

in the Mid Autumn Festival, they were absent due to business

the annual Mid Autumn Festival has just passed

miss people on the moon and send Acacia from afar. I believe everyone has entrusted their thoughts and good wishes to the bright moon and spent a beautiful Mid Autumn Festival night ~ it's needless to say that those with relatives around them are the happiest

however, in all walks of life, there will always be a group of people who cannot get together with their relatives due to work, and are absent from festivals again and again. They have missed the knee lift conversation with their parents, the growth of accompanying their children, and the double sweetness created for their lovers... Their mid autumn festival is no different from normal. They work overtime on holidays and festivals, and stick to every post regardless of weather

Mid Autumn Festival means reunion

use videos to convey love and affection to the most concerned people

in order to pay tribute and care to them, Oushennuo ceramics recorded a special video and carefully prepared a series of wonderful activities in this year's Mid Autumn Festival, trying to create a fashionable and warm Mid Autumn Festival for everyone

different people have different stories. In the video, Oushennuo ceramics interviewed a total of 8 staff in different positions to tell their unforgettable stories about the Mid Autumn Festival. Some of them spent the Mid Autumn Festival with colleagues, dealers and friends, but they couldn't spend it with their families

after the video was broadcast, many people resonated. It turned out that many people had to endure separation for a better future

although they seemed embarrassed in front of the camera, they could not hide their concerns and show their true feelings in such a rare opportunity in the thick atmosphere of the festival. It is the hope of Ou Shennuo to take this opportunity to call on everyone to boldly express their love for their most concerned and closest people, and to pour out their thoughts and gratitude

play with new media and celebrate warm festivals in the way of young people

it's fun for young people to celebrate festivals. To this end, ou Shennuo also prepared three ways that young people like to accompany them

the H5 page of marriage in the Moon Palace is relaxed and humorous, with big brain holes. It's really creative to peek into the current situation of Chang'e in Guanghan palace through the game and offer suggestions for Wu Gang

"elope with you to the moon" is a small page game. Users can simulate themselves eloping with Chang'e and get lucky to win some rich gifts, attracting a large number of onlookers

during the Mid Autumn Festival, Oushennuo ceramics also launched relaxed and interesting games and magazines to meet the fashionable and playful personality of the young people.

Oushennuo's mid autumn special e-magazine Europe + life insists on height and taste, and through the Mid Autumn Festival, it recommends the most beautiful B & B and 9 creative photo taking methods. For people who love life and pursue life taste, it's right

ou Shennuo pays tribute to everyone who works for a better future

in fact, like them, we are all people who work hard for life and devote ourselves to our career. We all have dreams in our hearts

ou Shennuo is particularly grateful to every family member, customer and partner who has been accompanying us in the growth process. Just because we have concerns in our hearts, our motivation is not reduced. "Beautifying the living environment and advocating fashionable life" is the mission of osheno, and osheno's concern and pursuit for a better way of living in the future of mankind

Oushennuo ceramics has focused on ceramic manufacturing for 18 years. From ceramics to the overall solution of home space, Oushennuo ceramics is committed to building an ideal home and becoming the most respected enterprise and the most valuable brand





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