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At the end of the new year's Day holiday, the national large-scale promotion activity of "the impulse at the end of the year will be reduced to the end" of Sanshan flooring also came to an end. The year-end promotion was uniformly planned by Sanshan flooring manufacturers, carefully organized by dealers all over the country, and combined with the huge benefits and profits that shocked our vision, the activity was a complete success. On the last day of the event, the dealers in all regions received good news, and the market sales exceeded expectations, achieving a bumper harvest and fighting a beautiful battle

during the event, the Zizhong franchise store of Sanshan floor was beautifully changed. Potted flowers, colored balloons and various gifts made the store look grand and warm. The placement of red carpets and flower arches increased the festive atmosphere of the festival. The staff provided warm and professional services, leaving a good impression on consumers. The products made a big profit, and the best-selling and popular enhanced series were launched on the whole line. There are not only the big promotion of making profits by buying one square meter and getting one square meter free, but also colorful gifts and 10000 yuan electrical appliances. Consumers are all happy and eager to buy. In the hot sales atmosphere of national franchised stores, Sanshan flooring Zizhong franchised stores have also achieved good results

the lottery scene was crowded and lively. Sanshan floor was a completely open, fair and real lottery link, and all grand prizes were taken away by lucky consumers who bought Sanshan floor. With the final Haier automatic washing machine award being taken away by a beautiful and lucky lady, the year-end promotional activities of Sanshan floor Zizhong franchise store also came to a successful end

Sanshan flooring, one of the top ten flooring brands in China, will continue to "be healthy, affordable and durable" to the end. Strictly control the quality, give back to consumers and society with the best quality flooring, and never allow a trace of defective flooring to flow into the market; Care about service, send considerate services to thousands of families, truly safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, and build a green and environmentally friendly home




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