What is the most attractive decoration style

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What is the most ugly decoration style?

generally speaking, the decoration of classical style should be the most beautiful, because classical style is left after the baptism of time and years. It can be said that it is classic style. Whether it is furniture or collocation, it has cultural heritage and value preservation function, so it is also the most difficult to be out of date and ugly. If you want the decoration style to be timeless, you can follow the following principles when decorating:

1. Give priority to comfort

don't overemphasize beauty when decorating, and give priority to practicality and comfort. Aesthetics changes over time. If you are beautiful today, you may be tired of it tomorrow. The comfort and functionality of the body will not change easily

2. Choose simple colors

simple colors are not easy to go out of date, just like black and white has always been the most classic color, so try to choose the simplest color when decorating, and match it with the simplest color

3. The simpler the soft decoration, the better

soft decoration is becoming more and more important in decoration. When choosing soft decorations, try to choose the simplest and freshest one, which makes people look comfortable and will not be easily bored

the simpler the decoration is, the less likely it is to be out of date. Now we advocate "light decoration and heavy decoration". The simpler the decoration is, the easier it is to change the style through soft decoration in the later stage. Finally, if you have a house that needs decoration, Wuhan home decoration network can provide you with free room measurement and free supervision services. Enter the decoration bidding page of Wuhan home decoration network, and you can also get the design and quotation scheme of your house decoration for free, as well as the reduction and exemption of some decoration funds. See the activity page for details http://whjzw.net/zb/





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