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Ebony is actually zebra wood, mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical areas. It is also produced in Taiwan, Yunnan, Hainan and other places in China. At present, the wood used in manufacturing solid wood furniture is diverse, which makes the potential value of furniture different. However, as ebony furniture is a precious wood, it is favored by consumers. Now let's introduce the advantages and disadvantages of ebony furniture and how to distinguish ebony furniture

advantages and disadvantages of ebony furniture

first, advantages

1. Ebony has natural texture, eye-catching color, very flowing visual sense, and this texture can be clearly displayed in any section, and ebony furniture can naturally emit strong natural breath

2. Because ebony grows in a special environment, ebony is produced in places with rich mineral resources. It absorbs nutrients from minerals for a long time, and naturally contains metal texture. Therefore, it is also one of the reasons why ebony furniture has become a valuable furniture

3. Ebony wood has a hard wooden structure and high density. Its structure is similar to that of chicken wing wood in mahogany. The pipe holes in the structure are fine and alternate between dark and light wood grains. Therefore, it is much heavier than other wood and has a full personality

II. Disadvantages

1. Although ebony has many advantages, it also has disadvantages. It does not adapt to the environment that is too cold or too hot. Whether it is dry or wet, it will cause damage to the material of ebony furniture, so try to avoid the environment that is too cold or too hot

2. The process requirements of ebony furniture are relatively high. If the process is not qualified when manufacturing ebony furniture, the furniture material will be corroded and fade, affecting the overall beauty of the furniture

how to distinguish ebony furniture

1. Distinguish wood color

ebony furniture can be distinguished by the beauty of the wood grain on the section. Moreover, ebony is hard to be made of wood and difficult to process, so every product made of ebony has a strong natural flavor

2. Identify materials

due to the special growth environment of ebony, the roots of the tree are deep into the mineral layer to absorb nutrients and water, so the wood has a metallic texture. Therefore, the shape of ebony furniture is more tough and tidy, with high ornamental characteristics

3. Identify the structure

the structure of ebony is very excellent. Just weigh it with your hand when identifying it, and you can find that ebony is much heavier than other wood

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