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Consumers are often confused with some new terms of advertising when choosing floors. The salesperson instills a lot of "professional vocabulary" that you haven't heard before. However, are these seemingly professional neologisms really as magical as businessmen say? Today, Xiaobian will take you a closer look at these new terms in the floor industry

when shopping for flooring, consumers are often confused with some new terms advertised. The salesperson instills a lot of things you have never heard of “ Professional vocabulary ”. However, are these seemingly professional neologisms really as magical as businessmen say? Today, Xiaobian will take you a closer look at these new terms in the floor industry

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1 The wear-resistant revolution is not the higher the better

the wear-resistant revolution of the floor is a way to measure the wear resistance. The national standard stipulates that families should use more than 6000 revolutions, and public places such as shopping malls should be more than 9000 revolutions

the wear-resistant revolution depends on the content of aluminum oxide in the wear-resistant layer of laminate flooring. If the content of aluminum oxide is high, the wear-resistant revolution value obtained during detection is high. Aluminum oxide is a mineral, and its content is too high, especially when it is greater than 75 g/m2, it lacks toughness, the surface is easy to be brittle, and the clarity of its decorative layer surface will also be reduced. Therefore, the floor with more than 6000 turns is suitable for household use, and the floor with more than 9000 turns is suitable for public places

therefore, the wear-resistant revolution is only an indicator to measure the wear-resistant degree of the floor, but the higher the better. If the number is too high, it should arouse the vigilance of consumers

2. The more floor latches, the better

the seemingly professional name is actually very life-oriented. As long as consumers pay attention to it, they can understand the reason. According to Jin Lin, the floor latch is a structure that connects the floor plates through the physical force of the tenon. The locking force of the latch mainly depends on the connection between the floor tongue and groove and the tongue and tenon. In general, the latch floor can withstand a tension of more than 450 kg. The latch floor is easy to pave, with tighter joints, and the overall paving effect is good. Due to the locking force of the latch floor, the floor extends around as a whole with the change of temperature, avoiding local uplift and solving the internal deformation problem of the floor. Therefore, the latch quality of the floor is very critical to the quality of the floor

in order to increase the function of its latch in publicity, some businesses have appeared the so-called “ Double latch &rdquo& ldquo; Three latches &rdquo& ldquo; Four latches ” And other concepts, giving consumers the impression that the higher the latch level is, the better the quality is. In fact, whether the floor is firmly connected depends not on the number of latch stages, but on the chamfer angle and chamfer area of the latch plate

floor manufacturers initially produced locking plates to facilitate installation and increase the connecting force of the floor, but in the end, they increased the number of locking plates to deceive consumers. These are all misunderstandings caused by the sales process

3. Glue free flooring is still a little weak

“ Our floor can be laid without glue. It is completely glue free floor, which is very environmentally friendly &hellip& hellip;& rdquo; I believe this kind of introduction will be often heard when consumers buy floors. In terms of home decoration, people fall into a misunderstanding of indoor environmental protection, requiring absolute environmental protection. Therefore, “ Glue free ” It has become a new selling point for floor traders

Jin Lin introduced that the glue free floor is to lay the floor without glue. Because the adhesive will contain a certain amount of formaldehyde, avoiding the use of adhesive will avoid formaldehyde pollution. In fact, there is nothing wrong in theory, but in fact, when laying the floor, the use of glue is less, and the latex content is relatively high, so the formaldehyde content will not have a great impact on the human body

at present, Shaanxi forest products quality inspection station has not received any complaint about indoor pollution caused by floor glue. Jin Lin believes that businesses are justifiable for taking this as a selling point, but consumers should keep a clear head in the face of business publicity. In fact, if you don't apply glue when laying the floor, it may increase the probability that the floor is loose or the joints are scattered, affecting normal use

therefore, in the face of various new terms of the floor, consumers must not blindly credulous




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