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[] as the downstream industry of real estate and decorative materials, and the upstream industry of home appliances, furniture and home accessories, the decoration industry is in an embarrassing situation. House prices are rising, the prices of raw materials and household products are rising, and the operating and labor costs are also rising &hellip& hellip; However, when some home decoration companies have to consider raising prices due to cost pressure, some home decoration companies have surprisingly promoted the slogan of discount and price reduction, which is becoming increasingly fierce. At every turn, 30% off, 20% off, and even worse, they even display the banner of labor free and zero profit. In the peak decoration season, some decoration companies rushed to launch heavy bombs, focusing on the discount. The PK posture of killing 10000 enemies and losing 8000 self attracted the incomprehension of many insiders and the attention of consumers

the person in charge of Xingyi decoration expressed his confusion and doubts in an interview with reporters. Why is the decoration discounted? What is the discount for decoration? Decoration companies do not make money to do charity? In particular, the so-called manual discount, imagine, is it really beneficial to consumers? Don't decoration companies pay workers? The actual situation is that the living standard of decoration workers is generally higher than that of construction workers. At present, the decoration labor is also rising all the way, and the price is low. Can the price really come down? I doubt it. Similarly, many insiders have questioned that behind the crazy discount behavior, it can only be the bait and trap of bad businesses, otherwise the price will never fall so low

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◆ what's behind the discount of home decoration

at present, almost all raw materials in the market are in a rising trend, while the prices of wood and plate are rising even more. In this case, it is not easy for decoration companies to keep prices unchanged, and it is almost impossible to reduce prices. Some companies are making a fuss on the quotation, raising the quotation openly and secretly, and using cheap and defective decoration materials. Some decoration workers will reduce costs by changing process practices, cutting corners, slowing down and increasing items. Some insiders reluctantly told reporters that this kind of attractive ‘ False folding ’ After that, only ‘ God ’ Yes

in fact, looking at the whole home decoration market, only large-scale brand home decoration companies have certain cost advantages. Because they occupy certain advantageous resources, they can reduce the total cost by integrating industrial strips, such as creating brand alliances, large-scale procurement, joint operation, etc. Moreover, because large companies attach importance to brand image, design strength, construction quality and technology, they have a good foundation, and the service system is relatively perfect, which can better provide customers with overall home solutions and follow-up services

whoever satisfies the interests of consumers will win the market. Of course, businesses must make profits. Profits here refer to normal, reasonable and appropriate profits, which should be understood and supported by consumers. The person in charge of Xingyi decoration said

◆ experts crack fake discount tricks

in the face of the price reduction cards played by the home decoration industry, industry experts reminded reporters that consumers should start from their actual needs and affordability, and must not be influenced by the price reduction wind. Customers buy products and services, not discounts. Discounts are not products or services, but marketing tools

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insiders also pointed out that these discounts do not rule out the benefit side of users, but many of them have hidden mysteries. There are only a few tricks. One is to secretly increase the original quotation, and then create the illusion of discount in number and form; The second is to limit the scope of discounts, and create the illusion of overall discounts with partial discounts; The third is to use the guise of discount to induce customers to sign contracts, and then continuously improve the project cost; The fourth is to discount gifts first, and then seriously shrink in materials, construction and services

nonstandard decoration companies use low-cost decoration such as manual discounts as bait. Once a deal is concluded, they will use rough manufacturing, Jerry building, shoddy goods, wrong versions, midway price increases and other methods to harm consumers. Experts remind consumers that although they have to face various mysteries in choosing home decoration enterprises and implementing home decoration, as long as they keep two points in mind, they will not be confused by discounts and prevent damage. The first is to choose a brand decoration company with good reputation and high reputation. The second is to be good at using relevant laws and regulations and home decoration contracts to protect their own rights and interests





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