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SONGZHAN Electromechanical Technology Forum is open to the public

in order to facilitate more friends in the industrial control community to understand Yonghong PLC, it won 9 The gap between the damping needle and the damping hole of the oil delivery valve is too small. The focus of kostron of Yonghong Motor Co., Ltd. is on the research and development process. With the strong support of Taiwan huikong electromechanical Co., Ltd., Guangzhou SONGZHAN Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., the mainland technical service center of Yonghong PLC, hereby opens the SONGZHAN Electromechanical Technology 1. Reduce the speed and improve the output torque technology forum. We welcome any problems and successes in the industrial control community, Let's discuss and share together. We will give you the most satisfactory reply as soon as possible to any technical problems and cooperation intentions of Taiwan Yonghong PLC

thank new and old customers for their continued strong support to SONGZHAN electromechanical

welcome friends from industrial control circles all over the country to join us

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