Led200w miner's lamp manufacturer contact address

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Led200w miner's lamp manufacturer's contact address

led200w miner's lamp manufacturer's contact address

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led200w miner's lamp manufacturer's contact address. Finally, the suppressed block is sintered in an electric furnace. Chengdu mingxingxin Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, the land of abundance, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production, sales and installation of solar street lamps, LED street lamps, scenery complementary street lamps, landscape lamps, high pole lamps, courtyard lamps, antique lamps, Zhonghua lamps, traffic signal lamps and photovoltaic power generation products. The advantage of led200w miner's lamp is that it does not need other power supply equipment. It can convert heat energy into electric energy for its own lighting, which can save a large part of power resources. In addition, solar road and other high-tech products are designed to meet the needs of modern people, and their installation is more convenient. The service life is also greatly improved, which reduces most of the maintenance costs and saves the expenses of relevant departments. Therefore, solar street lamps not only bring convenience to people's life, but also save resources for the country. Therefore, solar street lamps are used more and more widely

in recent years, we can see lede200w miner's lamp beside most rural roads. In the construction of new countryside, lede200w miner's lamp has gradually replaced the traditional street lamp and become the preferred product of outdoor lighting in rural areas. So what are the reasons that determine the dominant position of ledled 200W miner's lamp

I. installation simplicity

leded200w miner's lamp does not need cable laying: when installing led200w miner's lamp, only a cement base is needed, and then it can be fixed on the flange with screws, saving a lot of comprehensive cost. The installation of solar smart street lamp of mingxingxin lighting appliance is more simple and convenient. It can be completed with only a screwdriver and a wrench, and it is also convenient for later repair and maintenance

II. Power consumption

there is a high electricity charge in the work of municipal lighting street lamps, and the lines and other configurations should be maintained and replaced continuously for a long time, and the maintenance cost will increase year by year. The ledled 200W miner's lamp is completely free of charge in terms of power consumption and low maintenance cost, which really benefits the people

III. light efficiency

even if the 250W light source of the ordinary traditional sodium lamp is compared with the 60W LED light source of the solar smart street lamp of mingxingxin lighting appliance, the light intensity of the solar smart street lamp of mingxingxin lighting appliance is also higher, and the line of sight at night will be better

IV. safety

due to the transformation of construction quality and landscape engineering, aging materials, leakage, abnormal power supply, conflict of water and electrical pipelines and other aspects, the street lamps of municipal power lighting have brought many potential safety hazards. Ledled 200W miner's lamp is an ultra-low voltage product with stable, safe and reliable operation

innovation is the driving force for the development of a company. Energy saving has always been the goal of led200w miner's lamp. For the industrial lighting industry, due to its high reflectivity and high power factors, it is accepted by the majority of users. Good lamps need standardized installation to highlight their advantages. Today, I mainly want to share with you what we should pay attention to in the installation of led200w miner's lamp

first of all, we should know that the installation height of led200w industrial miner's lamp is determined. According to the lighting environment, the environment will change the reflection efficiency of the lamp The height of general lamps should be more than 5m, and the conductor should not be close to the shell of industrial and mining lamps. If the conditions require, the installation time is less than 3m, protective measures need to be taken. We should speed up the research and development of key technologies and equipment for the preparation of new materials such as advanced melting, solidification molding, vapor deposition, profile processing and efficient synthesis, so as to prevent vehicles from touching! Secondly, led200w industrial miner's lamp is waterproof and low-temperature proof. It is very important to choose industrial miner's lamp with waterproof function and waterproof transformer. The lamp chip package is wrapped with high-temperature insulation material, which is waterproof and can prevent the damage of low temperature to the lamp. It is very important to use led200w Industrial miner's lamp under bad conditions! Also important is the wiring of led200w industrial miner's lamp. The main line is connected to the lamp with flat and hard copper wire, and one lamp is installed in 5 rings. It is evenly connected to the three-phase line according to the requirements of load balance! Large density impact shall be applied to the lighting works in each of the three directions perpendicular to each other, and the lamp shell shall be separately connected with PE protective wire

with the rapid development of today's economy, a variety of industrial plants have sprung up. Due to the different spatial environment and location of these industrial plants, the workshop lighting methods used by led200w industrial miner's lamp manufacturers are very different. However, most of today's industrial plants often choose a lighting method, that is, the workshop lighting of LED lamps, regardless of the location of the space, What are the advantages of such a lighting method that industrial enterprises like so much

*, most of the energy-saving led200w industrial miner's lamps use imported SMD beads as the main light source, and use imported semiconductor crystals. It has the advantages of high thermal conductivity, small light attenuation and no ghosting

Second, this kind of lighting lamp adopts materials that do not contain pollution such as lead and mercury, so it has the advantage of green environmental protection and no pollution

Third, led200w industrial and mining lamp adopts a very unique heat dissipation design, which is cleverly combined with the electrical box to effectively spread and diffuse the heat, and then reduce the temperature in the LED lamp, so as to effectively ensure the service life of the lamp body

Fourth, led200w industrial and mining lamp also has very good color rendering. The color of any physical substance is very real. There are many light colors to choose from, which can be satisfied in any kind of environment, which eliminates the depression brought by the lighting lamp to the staff in the past, so as to improve people's effective work rate

led200w industrial miner's lamp uses sunlight as energy. During the day, the solar panel charges the battery, and at night, the battery supplies power to the lamp source. There is no need for complex and expensive pipeline laying. The layout of lamps can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is safe, energy-saving, pollution-free, no manual operation, stable and reliable work, saving electricity and maintenance. Led200w miner's lamp does not need to lay cables, AC power supply and electricity charge. DC power supply and photosensitive control are adopted. Led200w miner's lamp has the advantages of good stability, long service life, high luminous efficiency, simple installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy conservation and environmental protection, economy and practicality

led200w miner's lamp manufacturer's contact address


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