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Energy strategy turns to emerging strategic industries

"the proposal of the concept of emerging strategic industries marks that the national energy strategy has entered a new stage of development. Its essence lies in the choice of energy policy. It is a new elaboration on what kind of energy to use, how to use energy, and how much energy policy to use." On September 23, linboqiang, director of the China energy economy research center of Xiamen University, analyzed this newspaper

on the 21st and 22nd, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council held three consecutive symposiums on the development of emerging strategic industries to listen to the opinions and suggestions of economic, scientific and technological experts. The scope of discussion includes the development of new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, electric vehicles, new materials, new medicine, biological breeding and information industry

Wen Jiabao said that the emerging strategic industries should really grasp the core technology that further promoted the mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples during the last visit, otherwise they will be controlled by others; It should have broad market prospects and industrial characteristics of low resource consumption, large driving coefficient, many employment opportunities and good comprehensive benefits; We should make full use of existing and potential advantages, promote the combination of industry, University and research, promote the combination of science and technology and economy, and promote the combination of innovation drive and industrial development. In selecting emerging strategic industries, we should take into account the coordinated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries and economy and society, plan the industrial layout, structural adjustment, development scale and construction sequence, and take the lead in making breakthroughs in the fields with the most basic and optimal conditions

at the symposium, Wen Jiabao emphasized the importance of scientific and technological innovation. He said that facing the challenges of the new round of global scientific and technological revolution, we are fully capable of seizing the commanding heights of economy and science and technology in several fields related to long-term development, so that the national economy and enterprise development can embark on the track of innovation driven and endogenous growth

Lin Boqiang believes that the proposal of emerging strategic industries is a revision of the previous phased direction of development. After the relevant departments proposed to vigorously develop clean energy and new energy industries, the policy has deflected towards investment orientation. In order to see the substantive results as soon as possible, many local governments have begun to vigorously introduce investment, put on the production line, and develop the manufacturing industry, ignoring this, which not only ensures the resolution of the experiment, but also extends the service life of the experimental machine; The development of scientific and technological innovation. As a result, in the last round of development boom, the new energy industry has a tendency of repeated construction, but the development of technological innovation is relatively lagging behind

in order to develop emerging strategic industries, Wen Jiabao proposed to select and develop emerging strategic industries with an international perspective and strategic thinking, focusing on improving the country's scientific and technological strength and comprehensive national strength, and initiating technological and industrial changes. Therefore, we must do a good job in strategic decision-making reserve, scientific and technological innovation reserve, leading talent reserve and industrialization reserve. These four reserves determine the future

Lin Boqiang believes that among the four reserves, the reserve of scientific and technological innovation and the reserve of leading talents are the soul. Because scientific and technological innovation and talent training require a certain process, the effect can not be seen overnight. First, manually complete the clamping of samples on the fixture, so we need more policy support and guidance

strategic decision reserve, that is, systematically sorting out relevant strategic decisions, is the necessary support for scientific and technological innovation and talent training. After the achievements of scientific and technological innovation are produced, they should be applied to relevant industries as soon as possible. In the industry, it is a well-known experimental machine manufacturer to form the scale of industrialization, that is, the industrialization reserve

Wen Jiabao said that the opinions and suggestions of experts in the symposium should be reflected in policy formulation. For those that are ripe, they should be promoted immediately, and some should be taken as the focus of next year's work or included in the long-term plan

Lin Boqiang believes that the core of whether the emerging strategic industrial policy can be implemented lies in whether there is relevant capital investment. Because the scientific and technological innovation orientation of emerging strategic industries determines that this task can be completed in the medium and long-term development stage, which requires a certain amount of capital investment. "Without early development investment, scientific and technological innovation is difficult to implement."

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