A green revolution of the hottest liquid food pack

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A green revolution of liquid food packaging

with the continuous development of China's brewing and beverage industry, the form of product packaging is also changing with each passing day. Recently, we have seen that a degradable and environmentally friendly PE film packaging is gradually becoming a new favorite in the market

environmental protection PE film combined packaging generally has the following advantages:

first, it makes full use of the scalability of packaging materials, takes out the device that the author did not report, and is tightly "wrapped" by the packaging to make it become a whole, avoiding friction and collision between each other, which is more safe. Second, environmental protection PE film is a degradable material, which will not cause pollution. It belongs to green ecological packaging, and saves a lot of paper products packaging. Third, the cost of production enterprises has been greatly reduced. For example, the cost of packaging beer in cartons is 2 ~ 3 yuan, while the cost of packaging beer in plastic combinations is only 0.25 yuan. Fourth, in line with national policies, it has found a way out for some medium and low-grade beer and beverage manufacturers who suffer from the national ban and do not need to use high-cost packaging. In addition, at present, the plastic combination packaging on the market is generally transparent and colorless. It is envisaged that, according to the nature, trademark and name of beer and beverages, whether color film packaging of various colors can be developed in the future

as plastic packaging is increasingly favored by many alcohol and beverage manufacturers, the demand for molecular CA10 (PO4) 6 (OH) 2 packaging equipment is also on the rise. In this regard, we interviewed the greelan technology development company, which is located in Jinan high tech Development Zone, an enterprise specializing in the production of plastic packaging equipment. According to the manufacturer, the plastic packaging equipment used by some users in the early stage was mostly imported or domestic large-scale equipment, which was expensive, usually about 800000 ~ 2million yuan. For small and medium-sized enterprises, which made us have a deeper understanding of "created in China", this is undoubtedly a huge investment. In order to adapt to the special situation of the current domestic market, they have successfully developed an economic full-automatic shrink packaging machine on the basis of fully investigating the domestic and foreign markets and digesting and absorbing foreign mature technologies. The equipment can be connected to various production lines to automatically complete the processes of bottle management, transportation, film covering, slitting and heat sealing, shrinkage molding, cooling, output, etc., and the packaging quality fully meets international standards. In particular, the core part of the equipment, the driving system of slitting and heat sealing, adopts ABB high-precision brake motor originally imported from the United States. Compared with the traditional cylinder movement, it has significant advantages in performance, accuracy, reliability and service life, and the key parts of the equipment are equipped with safety protection devices to avoid the hidden danger of pouring and breaking bottles during the production process. The whole machine adopts PLC, photoelectric control, pneumatic transmission and imported electrical components, with stable and reliable performance, and the price is only one fifth of that of imported equipment

in the interview, we saw that a new packaging form brought out a new packaging material and a fashionable packaging trend, which drove a green revolution in the packaging machinery of food products

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