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One highlight of the material area of the graphene raw materials industry expo of carbon Valley technology

in the afternoon of November 5, the 18th China International Industrial Expo, which lasted five days, with a record number of exhibitors and professional visitors, came to a successful conclusion. Graphene raw materials and series of products developed by China carbon Valley Technology Group, affiliated to Yunsheng international, in conjunction with relevant scientific research institutions, have become the biggest highlight of the new materials exhibition area, reflecting the strong Chinese "strength" of independent innovation

graphene is a new nano material with the thinnest, the strongest strength and the strongest conductivity found at present. It is called "black gold" and "king of new materials" by strengthening the scientific management and utilization of plastic packaging. However, although there are many domestic graphene research and production enterprises, due to the lack of R & D and cooperation capabilities, the key core technologies have not been solved, and the overall development and application level is at the low end, which restricts the application of graphene in more fields. In terms of domestic graphene development process technology, it is basically the oxidation-reduction reaction. The extraction and manufacturing process requires strong sulfuric acid treatment, which not only changes the original structure of graphene, but also seriously pollutes the environment. How to develop high-quality graphene with "zero defect" structure, pollution-free preparation process and wide application fields

in order to tackle the difficulties in the preparation of high-quality graphene, China carbon Valley technology, relying on its core members' scientific research team with more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of 2D material figure 3 PLA print lines and print forming drawing materials, has created a unique non liquid phase functional stripping process, successfully developed high-quality and low-cost graphene raw materials that can be provided for downstream applications, and rapidly formed graphene sheet powder, black graphene sheet slurry Black graphene sheet solution series products

since last year, carbon Valley technology has increased all-round cooperation with domestic universities, scientific research institutions and listed enterprises to fully promote the research and development of graphene downstream applications. Among them, graphene photocatalysis, which cooperates with Jiangsu Branch of China Academy of science and technology development, has been successfully developed; The marine engineering coating project in cooperation with Qingdao Research Institute of offshore chemical industry has a salt fog resistance time of more than 3000 hours, reaching the international leading level. 380V exchange power is strictly prohibited, and it is expected to enter production in the first half of next year. In the next five years, carbon Valley technology will build a production base with an annual output of 10000 tons of high-quality graphene in Jiangyin, creating a 1 Graphene application industrial cluster with a standard configuration of more than 100billion

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