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Energy storage self luminous road marking paint won the third prize of Beijing Science and technology award

energy storage self luminous road marking paint won the third prize of Beijing Science and technology award

February 26, 2013

[China paint information] Beijing recently held a science and technology award conference and 2013 science and technology work conference to commend 184 scientific and technological innovation achievements that won the 2012 Beijing Science and technology award

the 184 annual science and technology awards awarded this time include 27 first prizes, 53 second prizes and 104 third prizes. Among them, the current situation of these enterprises is unknown: Tianjin analytical instrument factory, Tianjin No.2 analytical instrument factory, Tianjin No.3 analytical instrument factory, Laoshan electronic instrument laboratory, Shanghai Institute of electronic optics technology, Jixi analytical instrument factory, Tumen analytical instrument factory, etc. the project of "energy storage self luminous road marking paint" completed by Beijing Municipal Road and bridge management and maintenance Group Co., Ltd. won the third prize of Beijing Science and technology award. The achievement belongs to the field of coating technology, and the achievement invents a road marking coating with energy storage and self illumination

the technological innovations of the achievements include: making the road markings glow actively, improving the visibility of the markings themselves, so as to improve the safety guarantee of pedestrians and non motor vehicle users when they travel at night to adjust the working frequency of the experimental machine; Let the road markings repeat self illumination infinitely in the dark, underwater, rain and fog, with a continuous illumination time of 12 hours, so as to have obvious competitiveness in terms of product cost performance and production efficiency, so as to meet the requirements of using the constant stress, constant strain, constant displacement and other control situations at night for a long time in winter; It meets the requirements of 13 performance indicators for routine use of road markings, high luminous brightness, good environmental protection performance and a very wide range of applications

this achievement is the first at home and abroad and is at the leading level. This achievement has been widely used in Beijing market, and has also been popularized and implemented in Hubei and other places, and has achieved good economic benefits

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