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Since 2009, China has successively promulgated many policies in the field of solar energy, including the "solar roof plan", "golden sun project" and the upcoming new energy development plan, which fully demonstrates the determination of the Chinese government to support and develop the photovoltaic industry, and also gives confidence to solar energy enterprises and polysilicon enterprises. Many powerful large and medium-sized enterprises are optimistic about the development opportunities of polysilicon industry, and have invested in the polysilicon industry, contributing to the development boom of China's polysilicon industry

in response to this situation, the breakthrough of this technology, the first sub industry recruitment station in China, the chemical talents under the talent Union, will launch a five-day "photovoltaic industry recruitment special" on September 14, providing a precise and professional exchange platform for the photovoltaic industry, especially polysilicon enterprises and industry talents

according to the representative manager of chemical industry, China has become the world's largest producer of photovoltaic cells, accounting for one third of the world's total output of photovoltaic cells. Among the top 30 photovoltaic cell manufacturers in the world, China has accounted for 10. The solar photovoltaic industry has also achieved rapid growth. For polysilicon production enterprises that account for more than half of the photovoltaic industry, the "money" scene is bright. According to the recruitment needs released by many well-known polysilicon enterprises that are expected to increase to US $6.8 billion by 2022, the chemical talents integrated the recruitment resources of the station and launched the "photovoltaic industry recruitment special"

"At present, there is no recruitment special for this industry in China. As a professional chemical recruitment station, chemical talents connect the relatively scattered recruitment needs with steel balls in the way of recruitment special, so as to form a systematic recruitment mode of photovoltaic industry, which saves a lot of money and time for photovoltaic enterprises to recruit talents. At the same time, through a series of publicity, they can also expand the scope of enterprises in Influence in the industry. " The acting manager said that at that time, more photovoltaic enterprises and industry professionals are welcome to actively participate in the "photovoltaic industry recruitment special" to achieve a win-win situation between supply and demand

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