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The future path of energy

the development and utilization of renewable energy is the core of today's global energy transformation. At present, the global energy transformation is in the initial stage, and the energy structure is an important symbol to measure whether the energy transformation is successful. The development and utilization of renewable energy is the core of today's global energy transformation. At present, the global energy transformation is in the initial stage, and the energy structure is an important symbol to measure whether the energy transformation is successful. Nowadays, there are great differences among countries. Among them, the energy transformation index from large to small is: EU, Germany, China, world, France, Britain, Japan, the United States, South Korea

in addition, establish a low-carbon and sustainable energy supply and consumption system. At present, the carbon emissions per unit of energy consumption in descending order are: the United States, China, the European Union, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, and South Korea

win-win cooperation and policy guidance are important features of current energy transformation. Nowadays, resources, climate change and security are global issues. Compared with the previous two energy transformations, the globalization trend of the third energy transformation is very prominent. At the Paris climate conference, 184 countries have set renewable energy transformation goals, and China has also made emission reduction commitments

energy transformation is an inevitable trend of social development driven by scientific and technological progress. Energy transformation stems from the scientific understanding of the consequences of high-carbon energy use and the rapid development of low-carbon energy utilization technology, but the fundamental force to promote energy transformation is still science and technology

the optimization of China's energy structure lags behind the industrialization process. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China has basically formed a three-dimensional control system of energy consumption per unit of GDP, the proportion of non fossil energy in disposable energy and the total energy consumption. Shi Dan believes that the current energy development mode based on coal and the maintenance principle of high pollution fatigue testing machine in China are worth introducing. Before use, the energy consumption mode of dyeing and high energy consumption is still in the stage of the first energy transformation. Therefore, the national conditions and main tasks faced by China's energy transformation: first, to achieve the evolution and optimization of energy structure by leaps and bounds. China's industrialization process has entered the middle and late stage, but the optimization of energy structure lags behind the industrialization process, and the energy structure dominated by coal has not been changed for a long time. However, China's energy structure cannot change from coal to oil and gas, from oil and gas to renewable energy in sequence, as in western countries, but to achieve leapfrog development and form an energy structure dominated by renewable energy

second, improving energy efficiency is an important part of China's energy transformation. Improving energy efficiency and developing clean and renewable energy are similar. According to the world average energy efficiency level, China's energy consumption can produce more than twice the GDP. Based on the energy efficiency of the United States, it can produce more than 3 times of GDP, and based on the energy efficiency of Japan and Britain, it can produce 6-8 times of GDP. Therefore, under the existing energy structure, improving energy efficiency can effectively solve greenhouse gas emissions and environmental problems

third, policy support is a necessary condition for shortening the process of energy transformation. The energy transformation in developed countries has gone through a long period of post industrial development. The proportion of high energy consumption manufacturing industry in the industry has fallen to less than 10%, and the urbanization level has reached more than 80%. After the light industrial structure, energy consumption intensity and energy consumption are in a declining period, economic development has entered the circular era from the era of growth, and the technical and industrial preparations for energy transformation are relatively sufficient. In terms of the affordability of the level of economic development to energy prices, China is significantly lower than developed countries. If producers and consumers make free choices according to economic rules, the time for China to realize energy transformation may be longer than developed countries. Therefore, China's energy transformation must have stronger policy intervention or even revolutionary changes in order to synchronize with other countries

fourth, China's energy transformation needs the coordinated promotion of both supply and demand sides and institutional mechanisms. The "several opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the reform of the price mechanism" put forward that, according to the general idea of controlling the middle and liberalizing the two ends, we should promote the energy price reform of the experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which has a large number of customer groups, promote the diversified competition of market players, handle it safely and gradually reduce cross subsidies, and restore the attributes of energy commodities. However, the reform of energy system and the reform of energy price marketization are closely related and promote each other. Both the complexity of the reform and the impact of macro-economy will be a complex and gradual process

China's energy transformation and Implementation Path emphasizes that China's energy transformation requires an energy revolution, which is to accelerate the process of energy transformation. However, first of all, we should avoid exaggerating the scientific and technological advantages of energy transformation in some developed countries into their policy advantages, and completely copy the policy tools and measures of other countries. Secondly, we should avoid one-sided understanding of energy transformation from the perspective of national security and national competitive advantage, which will affect the international cooperation of energy transformation. Thirdly, we should avoid equating energy transformation with energy revolution or changing the mode of energy development, because energy revolution is a means, not an end

China needs to change its energy system and mechanism

China's energy transformation and realization path believes that the system and mechanism is an important factor affecting the energy transformation. Therefore, from the objective needs of energy transformation, China's current system and mechanism reform and construction need to do a good job in the following aspects. First, strengthen the construction of power market conducive to energy transformation. The use of new energy is mainly in the form of power generation, so the construction of power market system is very important. In the process of power system reform, we should pay attention to taking energy transformation as the ultimate goal, establish a power system suitable for new energy power generation, develop smart electricity and electric vehicles, promote cross regional power trading, and promote comprehensive energy supply

second, improve the subsidy policy for renewable energy power generation. With the change of the internal and external environment for the development of renewable energy, the government subsidies for renewable energy should play a policy oriented role, pay attention to the subsidies for distributed power generation, improve the utilization rate of installed renewable power generation, optimize the source of renewable energy subsidies, and maintain the stability of policy subsidies

third, pay attention to the important role of industry in energy transformation. Industry has a dual role in energy conservation and emission reduction. On the one hand, it is the main body of energy consumption, on the other hand, it is the technical carrier to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and energy transformation. We should continue to focus on industry, strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction measures, improve the institutional environment, legal environment and market environment for energy conservation and emission reduction, vigorously develop low-carbon green agriculture, actively build a low-carbon industrial system, implement green development of service industry, strengthen industry access management, and standardize the development of new energy industry

fourth, increase the development of green finance and investment in renewable energy construction. The development of clean utilization of renewable energy and fossil energy requires huge investment. If the capital investment is insufficient, the energy transformation will stagnate. Therefore, to promote the energy transformation, we should strengthen the construction of investment and financing mechanism of the new energy industry, improve financial services, and expand the credit support of the banking industry to the new energy industry. Encourage financial innovation and improve the capital market, promote the development of financial products related to new energy, and speed up the establishment of new energy industry investment funds. How can we apply plaster? In fact, we should vigorously develop venture capital and venture capital, broaden the source of funds, and promote the diversification of new energy investment subjects

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