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Energy storage "full of blood resurrection" four clearing and regulation regulations and enterprise related charges to reduce the burden of enterprises "clearing and regulation regulations and enterprise related charges are to reduce the burden of enterprises and open up the industry" money "Scene

the rising energy storage is becoming another" gold digger "in the field of new energy. With the increasing number of commercial utilization cases, energy storage is almost mature on the road of marketization. At the same time, in the favorable policies successively issued by the two major power companies, energy storage has emerged again, waiting for the opportunity of outbreak

as the "last mile" of new energy development, which makes the toughening effect more obvious, energy storage is expected to get an unprecedented "acceleration" in 2019

recently, State Grid Corporation of China issued the guiding opinions on promoting the healthy and orderly development of electrochemical energy storage. State Grid will develop electrochemical energy storage in the power side, customer side, electricity side and other aspects

specifically, on the power side, it supports the allocation of energy storage for new energy power generation; Support conventional thermal power configuration and energy storage

on the customer side, priority will be given to investment and construction in areas with difficulties in power regulation and high transformation and upgrading costs

at the same time, it defines the access management of energy storage, the access of energy storage at the power side and independent pure peak shaving and frequency modulation energy storage, which shall be implemented with reference to the conventional power access management methods

industry analysis generally pointed out that the intention and direction of this document are very clear, which defines the boundaries and priorities of national power companies at all levels to develop energy storage. At the same time, it also publicly defines the direction of energy storage policy and mechanism pursued by national companies for the first time. This paper only lists a small part of material innovation from the perspective of plastic raw materials and additive suppliers

Nanfang power also continues to follow a similar wind direction. In its recently issued "guidance on promoting the development of electrochemical energy storage", the exposure draft also involves four key tasks: Deepening the research on the impact of energy storage, promoting the application of energy storage technology, standardizing energy storage and management, and leading the development of energy storage industry

from the intensive release of the above policies, it can be seen that energy storage will be further developed. To a large extent, this also stems from the fact that the energy storage industry has also played an excellent role in solving the problem of "abandoning wind and light"

as predicted by many industry experts, multi energy complementarity, which is mainly characterized by information technology and energy storage technology, has become a new trend of sustainable energy development and will eventually change the future energy pattern. The construction of energy storage power stations in the field of new energy power generation solves the problem of new energy consumption

compared with separate photovoltaic power generation, after adding the energy storage system, the optical storage joint tracking and scheduling error is significantly reduced, and the energy storage system improves the ability of photovoltaic power generation tracking and scheduling plan. At the same time, the construction of large-scale energy storage power stations on the side of new energy power generation has the advantages of large scale, low unit cost of equipment, less investment in land construction, and low investment in supporting electricity

in terms of commercial application, the practice of realizing arbitrage through peak valley price difference on the user side, exploring and experimenting with capacity price on the power side, and promoting the establishment of flexible power compensation mechanism on the power generation side has gradually increased. However, at present, it is not easy for energy storage projects to achieve low profits when the energy storage industry policy is not clear

at this stage, four major aspects, including peak valley price difference arbitrage, auxiliary frequency modulation service charge, user side energy storage system participation in demand response, and electricity supply auxiliary services, have become important channels for energy storage to increase revenue sources and promote diversified business models

"at present, the profitability of energy storage power stations is not obvious, and financing is relatively difficult, but there may be a great improvement in twoorthree years." Industry veterans admitted that in 2019, in addition to these two profit models, new profit models including distributed energy storage, centralized renewable energy storage and electric side energy storage will also gradually mature

in the future, the business model of energy storage on the user side is expected to gradually integrate with the power side. For example, the business model of "investment + operation" is relatively common, that is, the property right belongs to the investor and it is responsible for the whole life cycle. This is a work operation that can be completed mostly by men. When the peak valley price difference is greater than 0.75, it is profitable

due to the steady and positive economy and the continuous promotion of the "coal to electricity" project, the power gap in all provinces has expanded sharply, and energy storage has become another new goal for enterprises to compete after photovoltaic. According to the statistics of the national development and Reform Commission, the national energy administration and other departments, China's energy storage will reach 24 gigawatts by 2025, with dozens of times of development space

the complexity of energy storage application scenarios determines the diversified development direction of energy storage battery technology. "In the future, high-capacity batteries for peak load regulation and energy storage and high-power batteries for frequency regulation and energy storage need technological innovation and breakthroughs."

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