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Yuyintianxia syn6658 speech synthesis chip is widely used in the toll gate industry

toll gates are widely used in highway toll stations and parking lot toll collection systems to manage vehicle access

1. Bus station charging

when parking and paying at the exit of the highway, the toll gate with voice function can automatically broadcast the payment amount, giving the owner the most intuitive information, so as to facilitate the owner to pay quickly. Saying the amount for the toll collector can also reduce part of the work of the toll collector; In the etc channel, after the automatic recognition of payment, the barrier gate can broadcast the balance information to facilitate the car owner to recharge in time

2. Parking fee collection system

at the entrances and exits of many large parking lots, most of them use the functions of license plate recognition + voice broadcasting and card swiping + voice broadcasting. The system takes photos and records the license plate for recognition or swipes the card to enter the site to determine whether the vehicle is a temporary vehicle or a monthly rental vehicle. According to different situations, it prompts different voice synthesis broadcasts, reducing manual operations and increasing the user experience. Temporary vehicles enter the parking lot, recognize and scan the license plate number, and intelligent voice broadcast Beijing ab4392. Welcome. When the vehicle leaves, the intelligent voice broadcasts Beijing ab4392. The parking time is 2 hours, and the charge is 15 yuan. Thank you for coming! Your balance is insufficient, please recharge in time and so on

in addition, no matter in high-speed toll stations or parking lots, quick code scanning payment can easily solve the payment problem. The car owner shall scan the code before leaving the parking lot for payment. Within 15 minutes after the system receives the instruction, the vehicle can automatically open the barrier bar to release before reaching the automatic license plate recognition barrier. The intelligent voice broadcast Beijing ab4392, you have paid, the noise limit at the construction site and its measurement method GB 12523~24 (9) 0 thank you for coming

3. Speech synthesis chip syn6658

syn6658 speech synthesis chip provides six Chinese speakers, including two men, two women, an effector and a girl voice, with clear and mellow timbre; The ability of text intelligent analysis and processing, polyphonic word processing and Chinese surname processing has reached the international leading level

syn6658 speech synthesis chip can be arbitrary, so that Hong Kong missed an important opportunity to realize the universal suffrage of the executive seat. Replace the text content of the voice broadcast (non fixed text), make the toll gate industry more intelligent and humanized, simplify the toll gate operation, and broadcast the real-time status by live voice

the content of speech synthesis is as follows:

please pay 10 yuan. Thank you for coming

welcome to Beijing ab4392

Beijing ab4392, parking time 2 hours, please pay 15 yuan, thank you for coming

your balance is insufficient, please recharge in time

syn6658 speech synthesis chip. In 2014, we are committed to providing a complete set of industry solutions for manufacturers of vehicle electronics, queuing, intelligent hardware, intelligent toys, intelligent household appliances and so on. Its volume is small and its peripheral circuit is simple; High integration and high cost performance; Simple development: yuyintianxia provides the best technical support and development examples, so that the enterprise can quickly realize productization

as a supplier and manufacturer of intelligent voice hardware solutions that can extend its service life, yuyintianxia will create value for the application of automotive electronics, smart home, smart hardware, smart toys, robots, smart home appliances and other industries with the most cost-effective products and the most intelligent hardware

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