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China Securities Futures: energy news review 0121

crude oil prices rebounded slightly over the weekend, with little intraday fluctuation. In this round of adjustment, they have never broken through the previous low point. The trend in recent trading days is also very similar, basically falling in the first half of the session and rebounding in the second half. Bush's visit to the Middle East did not have a positive effect, but made the situation more tense. 3. Metallographic analysis showed that there was a big fight between Israel and Palestine. After returning home, Bush applied to Congress for tax cuts to stimulate the economy, but the market did not buy it. The stock market fell in response. The next move may be the Fed's interest rate cut at the end of the month. Domestically, AVIC oil raised its price for the first time this year, reflecting that the country does not expect oil prices to fall sharply. Domestic fuel oil fluctuated greatly last weekend, with a lot of position reduction, but it was also undertaken in the late trading, which shows that the bullish force is still waiting for opportunities. Operationally, multiple orders can continue to be held in light positions

operation suggestions: variety view operation suggestions analysts choose the direction of fuel oil, and the rising probability is mostly single. The arithmetic mean value of 2 points is

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