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The energy storage industry is rapidly moving towards commercialization.

energy storage applications run through all links of power system generation, transmission, distribution and utilization, among which frequency modulation, peak shaving, delaying the expansion and upgrading of transmission and distribution, standby power supply, peak shaving and valley filling, and electricity charge management are some of the most valuable applications of energy storage at present. In recent years, the global energy storage market has made steady progress. Looking back on 2016, the major global energy storage markets in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and so on are booming, and the markets in Britain, Australia and India are increasingly active

the global energy storage market is facing a new round of development

from a subregional perspective, in Europe: British national power announced the 201mw advanced fast FM response service procurement plan, which will drive the investment of US $5.1 billion in energy storage equipment. At the same time, energy storage has also participated in the UK capacity auction market, reflecting the great confidence of the market in energy storage technology; Germany and Sweden implement the household light storage subsidy plan to support the improvement of the level of photovoltaic self use and the improvement of intelligent distributed power capacity; France and Italy implement Island energy storage demonstration projects

in East Asia, South Korea is vigorously implementing the procurement goal of FM energy storage, and optical storage power stations can obtain additional renewable energy certificates; Japan has vigorously promoted the development of energy storage by carrying out projects such as the demonstration of improving the supply and demand balance of large capacity power storage systems and the smart city distributed energy system

in the United States, many state governments are formulating and implementing energy storage procurement goals; In California, energy storage power stations have begun to replace gas-fired power stations to implement peak shaving, and the budget for energy storage subsidies has been further increased. With the demonstration of demand response bidding mechanism and the release of policies for distributed energy integration to participate in the wholesale electricity market, energy storage has also gained more and more market participation and profit opportunities

in Australia, centering on the abundant local solar energy resources, different types of projects such as household light storage, wind and solar energy storage power stations, and Li light storage are booming. In India, the government and state-owned energy groups have also stepped up bidding and planning for energy storage

affected by the policies of the above countries, the global electric energy storage projects were deployed and put into operation on a large scale in 2016, involving centralized renewable energy integration, frequency modulation, power transmission and distribution and other fields. According to the incomplete statistics of the energy storage alliance, the planned installed capacity has reached about 2.5gw, and nearly 1GW has been deployed

in addition, the user side energy storage market, represented by industrial and commercial energy storage and household light storage, is also moving rapidly towards commercialization, with new products and enterprises pouring in. Among them, industrial and commercial energy storage is mainly used in campuses, manufacturing enterprises, commercial buildings, ports, military bases, etc. the application value lies in saving electricity bills, participating in demand response, distributed energy integration and participating in the power market. Typical markets for household energy storage are Australia, Germany, Britain, Sweden and Japan, which are mainly driven by factors such as high residential electricity prices, declining photovoltaic electricity prices, household light storage subsidies, tax investment credits, and intelligent energy network management and control

according to the incomplete statistics of the energy storage alliance project library, as of the third quarter of 2016, the cumulative installed capacity of energy storage projects put into operation worldwide was 1425.7mw, an increase of 31% year-on-year

China vigorously expands the energy storage market

the development of China's energy storage market began in 2010 and has roughly experienced three stages of development so far. The first is the technology validation stage (year), which is mainly to carry out basic research and development and technology validation demonstration. The second is the demonstration application stage (year). Through the demonstration project, the performance of energy storage technology has been rapidly improved, the application mode has been continuously clear, and the application value has been widely recognized. Third, at the initial stage of commercialization (in), with the increase of policy support, the gradual rationalization of market mechanism and the integration and penetration of multiple fields, the installed capacity of China's energy storage projects increased rapidly and the business model was gradually established

looking back on 2016, from the perspective of national macro policies, energy storage is entering the national energy and power industry development plan at an increasingly high frequency. In particular, the recently released "13th five year plan" for the development of electricity, renewable energy and energy has listed promoting the demonstration and application of energy storage technology as the main task of the "13th five year plan", and clearly proposed to actively promote the demonstration, application and promotion of large-capacity and distributed energy storage technology

with the release of supporting policies in various related fields, energy storage has gained broader application opportunities. On the one hand, there are more and more opportunities for energy storage projects in the fields of nearby consumption of renewable energy, power auxiliary services, and new energy micro electricity, which are directly applied by industrial biotechnology companies. On the other hand, in the fields of competitive power sales, incremental power distribution, integrated energy management, vehicle power interconnection, echelon utilization and so on, how to use energy storage to realize service value-added, and how to tap the potential energy storage application market have also attracted more and more attention and thinking of energy storage enterprises

in 2016, many large-scale energy storage projects in China were planned or put into operation, and new energy, power-free areas, and industry and commerce became hot fields. According to the incomplete statistics of the energy storage alliance project library, as of the third quarter of 2016, the cumulative installed capacity of energy storage projects put into operation in China was 170.6mw, an increase of 34% year-on-year

with the favorable policies and the emergence of market opportunities, China's energy storage enterprises and local governments also began to make great efforts to plan and layout energy storage and expand the energy storage market in 2016, and showed the following characteristics:

first, specialized energy storage enterprises have been established one after another to deploy large-scale energy storage production capacity. The cooperation between battery enterprises and PCs enterprises, the establishment of energy storage business branches by traditional photovoltaic enterprises, and the establishment of energy storage system solutions branches by pack enterprises are all major forms of companies

second, some parts of the combustion chamber of the F120 verification machine for overseas household energy storage have been made of c/c composite materials, and domestic industrial and commercial energy storage has become a hot spot pursued by Chinese enterprises. Among them, household energy storage products are mainly for Australia, Germany, the United States, etc., and the market product capacity is between 2.5kwh and 7kwh; Industrial and commercial energy storage is mainly aimed at domestic industrial enterprise parks. The system capacity is 100 kW, so that semi-finished products made of plastics and natural fibers can be produced in a large range to between megawatts

third, with the increasing investment and expansion of power battery enterprises, the layout of energy storage has also become an important direction for major power battery enterprises in the future under the increasing pressure of overcapacity

fourth, local governments have laid out the energy storage industry to promote the transformation and upgrading of local enterprises. For example, Dalian issued the implementation opinions on promoting the development of energy storage industry, and Qinghai listed lithium battery as one of the four 100 billion yuan industries focused on in the 13th five year plan

in general, the energy storage industry is rapidly moving towards commercialization. At the technical level, the cost of energy storage technology decreased rapidly and the performance improved significantly; At the policy level, the energy storage industry policy support is far higher than the cost support system generated by the production of new energy passenger cars by car enterprises, which is becoming more and more perfect; At the market level, the power market environment supporting the application of energy storage has gradually formed; At the economic level, as energy storage is more involved in the energy, auxiliary services, capacity and other power markets, it helps to realize the superposition of multiple application values and benefits of energy storage, shorten the return cycle of investment, and actively promote the commercial application of energy storage

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