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The energy storage industry welcomes the development. The market scale of wind power energy storage equipment has reached 1600billion yuan

in recent years, with the wide application of clean energy power generation, the energy storage industry has also achieved great development. In particular, the construction of energy storage power stations represented by vanadium batteries provides a good technical support for electricity to accept renewable energy for power generation, and can also accept the instructions of other equipment through RS232 port, which promotes energy conservation and emission reduction

the development of renewable energy such as wind energy and solar energy is the general trend. However, due to the discontinuous and unstable characteristics of clean energy such as wind energy, large-scale consolidation will have an adverse impact on peak shaving, frequency modulation and power quality, which limits the wide application of clean energy. Energy storage technology is expected to solve the above problems

in recent years, vanadium battery has become one of the preferred technologies in renewable energy storage, peak shaving, standby power supply and other fields due to its high safety, long service life, low pollution and other characteristics. Vanadium battery, full name of vanadium flow battery, is a large-scale energy storage battery that realizes the reciprocating conversion from chemical energy to electric energy through the valence state change of vanadium ion, so as to store and release the force generated by wind or solar energy. It is vividly called "power bank" in the industry

BMW improves the transparency of battery supply chain to ensure the sustainable supply of cobalt materials. In the interview, the supplier learned that the vanadium battery industry used in peak shaving and wind energy storage in power stations in the United States, Japan and other developed countries has developed rapidly, and the technology has been basically mature. However, China's vanadium battery industry is still in its infancy. Statistics show that China's vanadium reserves account for 35% of the global reserves, ranking first in the world, and its vanadium output accounts for 48% of the global output. Industry experts said that the advantaged vanadium resources have created very favorable conditions for the development of China's vanadium battery industry

in 2012, the "5mw/10mwh all vanadium flow battery energy storage application demonstration power station" built by Rongke energy storage company was completed in Shenyang Longyuan funiushi wind farm, and successfully passed the acceptance of Liaoning power and the owner, and all indicators met the design requirements. "This is the first 5MW vanadium battery energy storage power station in the world that has actually operated for more than 4 years, marking that the company is at the international leading level in technology research and development and production of complete sets of products in this field." Wang Xiaoli, assistant to the president of Dalian Rongke Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd., told the economy that the energy storage power station is directly dispatched by Liaoning electric power company and participates in peak shaving and valley filling, which effectively improves the acceptance capacity of electricity to wind power generation, promotes the healthy development of renewable energy power generation, and promotes energy conservation and emission reduction

since its stable operation for more than 4 years, the energy storage system has greatly improved the reliability of the output power of the wind farm. Compared with conventional generating units, wind farm power generation has greater volatility and randomness, and it is unable to ensure stable power supply at any time according to actual demand. "For example, at 3 p.m. one day, the power company will provide two hours of 50 MW power to user A. if the wind is insufficient at that time, it will not be able to meet the required power." Wang Xiaoli said that the real-time absorption and release of power by the energy storage system can make the wind farm more suitable for the operation needs of power system dispatching and serve as an effective power management. In addition, the energy storage system also plays an important role in smoothing the output of wind farms and improving the reliability of wind power supply

Zhang Huamin, a researcher at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that Rongke energy storage and Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, through industry university research cooperation, have achieved major breakthroughs in the core areas and key technologies of all vanadium liquid flow batteries, and have successively formed a complete intellectual property system in battery materials, complete equipment systems, energy storage applications and industrialized manufacturing, with more than 170 domestic and foreign patents, It is the leading unit in the formulation of domestic and international standards for all vanadium flow batteries

at present, the energy storage industry is in a critical period of leaping from demonstration projects to large-scale industrialization. McKinsey, an internationally renowned consulting organization, lists energy storage technology as one of the 12 disruptive technologies that will change the future. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global energy storage market will reach trillions of dollars by 2050, and China's energy storage industry will also have a market volume of trillions of yuan. As one of the preferred technologies of current energy storage equipment, vanadium battery has very strong development potential, and may even change the future energy pattern

according to China's "new energy vehicle industry development plan" and the calculation of battery industry data in recent years, the market scale of wind power energy storage equipment and urban peak shaving energy storage equipment used by a private small enterprise to find vitality on the ruins of the plant will be about 1600billion yuan. The wave of green economic development will bring unprecedented historical opportunities to the vanadium battery industry

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