2006 China Guangxi corrugated box packaging indust

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2006 China Guangxi corrugated box packaging industry exhibition introduction

China's carton sales are growing at a rapid rate, which is in sharp contrast to the decline in output in other parts of the world due to the favorable policies in Asia that have established a good policy environment for the development of the industry. In Asia, South Korea, Singapore and other places, cashiers took the trouble to ask each checkout customer about the negative growth. In 1996, China's corrugated board production was about 8billion square meters, only half of Japan's sales. However, in 2002, China's corrugated board production has increased to 14.8 billion square meters due to the high possibility of personal injury or even death, surpassing Japan to become the world's second largest corrugated box producer after the United States

worldwide, the output of corrugated board in Asia has increased the fastest. Since 1995, it has replaced Europe as the second largest production area in the world, second only to North America. From 1995 to 2002, the average annual growth rate of corrugated box production in Asia was 3.9%, 1.5 percentage points higher than the world average growth rate. It is estimated that in 2003, the output of corrugated board in Asia could reach 43billion square meters, surpassing the 42.5 billion square meters in North America, leaping to the top of all continents. China will play the most important role in the corrugated box industry in Asia. The proportion of its corrugated box output to the world's total output continues to rise, and the development space is extremely huge

based on this, with the support of government departments, the "2006 China Guangxi corrugated box packaging industry exhibition placement sample exhibition" organized by Guangxi Forestry Industry Association and Shanghai Yuanfa Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. will be held in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 7 to 9, 2006. This exhibition will provide a broad trading platform for the majority of exhibitors at home and abroad, so that domestic and foreign manufacturers can enhance their enterprise visibility, find trading partners The best opportunity to expand business channels

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