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The current situation of convenient market operation of tea beverage packaging in China

2005 is a year of continuous civil war and foreign wars for tea drinks. The current tea beverage market is monopolized by Master Kang, uni president and Wahaha, followed by Coca Cola and Nestle, and Lipton, under Pepsi, an old powerful force, is also emerging

tea is not only a wide variety, but also pays more and more attention to taste and packaging. Then, in the case of the convergence of products, packaging can be said to be the most direct way to attract consumers' eyeballs. What "Scene" is the current tea beverage packaging market

according to statistics, at present, the tea beverage packaging used worldwide mainly includes glass bottles, metal cans, Tetra Pak paper aluminum plastic composite brick packaging, polyester bottles, etc., while the tea beverage packaging mainly used in China includes metal non damaged three piece cans, Tetra Pak and polyester bottles (PET)

among them, metal three piece cans are the tea beverage packaging used by most tea beverage manufacturers in China. The advantages of this package are strong processing adaptability, small loss, excellent barrier, and bright colors of packaging and printing. However, due to the strict requirements on the internal coating of canned tea, the packaging cost is high, and the difficulty of environmental protection treatment, its development prospect is affected to a certain extent, so it is not suitable for promotion and use

paper aluminum plastic composite Tetra Pak is a popular packaging form in Taiwan, China Province, China, and has a considerable market in China. However, due to the difficulty of recycling the package, it is necessary to develop alternative packaging materials. However, at present, Tetra Pak recently launched a large-scale environmental protection public welfare activity of "recycling Tetra Pak happy to do environmental protection", which has seen a "dawn" in the soft drink packaging industry. Tetra Pak beverage packaging will ensure the normal application of the experimental machine, and there will be a huge market

pet packaging was first introduced by Pepsi Cola in the United States in the 1970s. It is cheap and has good transparency, air tightness and pressure resistance. In the early 1990s, Japan introduced heat-resistant PET production equipment, so that PET bottles can be hot filled. The biaxially stretched BOPP bottle produced by the injection extrusion drawing blowing process in China has surpassed PET packaging in transparency, air permeability, low temperature impact resistance and barrier properties. It is a packaging material with market potential

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