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Financial observation: the window of refined oil price increase opens today

since the national development and Reform Commission released the news of refined oil price adjustment on November 14, international crude oil has walked out of a rebound trend under the influence of the situation in the Middle East. As of the close on November 26, WTI closed at $93.68/barrel, down 0.09% from November 14; Brent closed at $110.88/barrel, up 2.16% from November 14

one second of it is the energy loss of the pendulum in the process of one swing. According to the current refined oil pricing mechanism, the domestic gasoline and diesel prices are adjusted every 10 working days according to the changes of crude oil prices in the international market, and the effective time of price adjustment is 24:00 on the release date of price adjustment. Therefore, this round of refined oil increase window will open at 24:00 today. If the price adjustment is implemented, this will also be the first rebound of refined oil after three consecutive falls

as of the last price adjustment, domestic refined oil has experienced 13 rounds of price adjustment this year, including six rises and seven falls, with a total reduction of 215 yuan/ton for gasoline and 230 yuan/ton for diesel. Longzhong Petrochemical predicts that gasoline and diesel will be increased by about 150 yuan/ton this time, and preferential tariffs will be implemented through the agreed tax rate and preferential tax situation, equivalent to an increase of 0 per liter 13 yuan

due to the proximity of the price adjustment window, most domestic oil markets are still shrouded in a strong upward atmosphere. After several consecutive days of increases, diesel prices in many places, including along the Yangtze River, East China and southwest China, have been flat at the local maximum retail price. In the case of tight diesel resources, some main businesses have launched a variety of tie-in and purchase restriction policies

the wholesale price of domestic diesel continued to rise on the 27th, with the upward expectation of the use of new materials with strong domestic oil prices on the surface. As of November 27, the average wholesale price of domestic 93 × gasoline was 9141 yuan/ton, up 5 yuan/ton from the previous working day; The average wholesale price of 0 × diesel oil was 8157 yuan/ton, up 5 yuan/ton from the previous working day

in addition to the positive support of the expected increase in the wholesale price of diesel, it is also mainly affected by factors such as resource constraints and guaranteed sales profit at the end of the year. Under the high wholesale price of diesel, operators' operating profits were damaged, mainly on the sidelines. As the end of the year is approaching, the main sales are also entering the closing stage, and the sales profit will be mainly guaranteed by high prices. It is expected that the dry bulk shipping market will rebound strongly on the 18th, and the diesel price will be difficult to loosen in the short term

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