Current price of the hottest ABS market in Asia

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The current price of ABS market in Asia is

in the spot market, South Korea quoted us $960 per ton CFR Hong Kong and China for resin in October, while other manufacturers quoted us $per ton CFR Asia. It is said that the trading price of small shipments is US $970 per ton CFR Hong Kong. It is said that traders will quote us $940 per ton for the first half of October. CFR Hong Kong has put forward four measures for the future development: 1. Improve the industrial innovation ability and industrialization level, but this cannot be confirmed. Traders said the bid price of the shipment in October was US $920 per ton CFR Hong Kong and China. Acrylonitrile closed flat at USD per ton CFR Asia, while butadiene fell to USD per ton FOB South Korea as of the week ended September 20

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