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In Zoomlion's overseas marketing team, the "post-90s" from Xinjiang

in Zoomlion's overseas marketing team, the "post-90s" from Xinjiang

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hanati, the regional marketing representative of Zoomlion crane company's engineering crane branch in Central Asia, is a typical post-90s guy. He is not an immature and impatient post-90s common disease, but a young, energetic, optimistic and enterprising Ideal and independent marketing newcomers

new to the workplace and rapid growth

hanati comes from Xinjiang. He is a handsome boy of Kazak nationality. He graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University. In June, 2013, he came to Changsha alone, from the north to the south. The separation with his relatives made the young man full of sadness and sadness. However, after coming to Zoomlion, the care of his leaders and colleagues immediately made him feel at home to Zoomlion

now he has been stationed abroad in the Central Asia area of the engineering crane branch for more than a year, and his continuous learning service experience has made him more and more mature. Hanati is originally a Kazakh nationality. In the process of service, it has obvious language advantages. Hanati, who can speak Chinese, English and Kazakh, has brought great convenience to the communication between the area and customers

stationed in Central Asia to assist in signing bills

working abroad is hard and lonely. According to his words, "you have a task every day. If you stay outside for a day, you should do a good job of every day in the plan and enrich it." When traveling to clients, hanati often has to get jet lag and grasp the time when local clients communicate with the company, which makes him have to work overtime and stay up late often. Last autumn, he traveled alone for a long time in various regions of Kazakhstan. The optimistic hanati often comforted himself: compared with other colleagues, he who knows the Kazakh language is much luckier and has been able to communicate smoothly with local residents, so there is no reason to feel bitter and tired

once, he found a very attractive information on: local customers need to purchase an off-road tire crane. This customer deals with Kazakhstan construction system all year round and has a certain popularity in the local industry, but they have never purchased Zoomlion equipment before, and usually buy products from Europe, America and Japan. Hanati took action immediately after seeing the information. After preliminary communication, hanati learned that the customer had only a few days to determine the manufacturer. He immediately took the train that night with the regional manager and rushed overnight. The next day, at lunchtime, the customer finally had time to meet. After the meeting, in a limited time, the regional manager and hanati introduced the products of Zoomlion and some world-famous construction cases to the customers in detail, as well as the recent promotion policies of the overseas marketing company of the crane company. With their efforts, the customer finally purchased the products of Zoomlion

youth is fearless around you

through the efforts of hanati and the whole team that displays the maximum pressure value on the display, at present, the development of the Kazakhstan market of the engineering crane branch has been on the right track, and the construction machinery on the construction site in this country has gradually become the ocean of Zoomlion's "the last one belongs to destructive testing blue", and everyone's efforts of the Central Asia regional marketing team have been rewarded. Prices in some areas of the pig iron market in hanati fell again. In more than a year, Zoomlion has grown from a college graduate who has just entered the society to a professional salesperson. Now he has sold dozens of cranes in Kazakhstan, arousing their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and innovation. He has taken Zoomlion as his second home. Hana after "90" is full of responsibility. I believe he will go further on the road of marketing in the future

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